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    UK - Birmingham - Australia, Brisbane
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    Video Games, <br />Music - Muse, Evanescence, Arctic Monkeys, Snow Patrol, <br /> Dj Tiesto<br />Clubbing, Drinking, Partying<br />Sleeping In<br /><br />Psychology, Human Biology, Pharmacology, Herbalism.<br /><br />Comedies - 3 non blondes, Just 4 laughs,<br />Dvd's - Wedding Crasher's, Zoolander, Date Movie, Epic Movie etc.
  1. It's actually spelt as Pus medically. Puss is like saying pussy cat without the y haha
  2. Sorry to hear you are in the same boat. I found using ACV, baking soda(or any scrub) to make my pores worse. It seemed to irritate the skin causing inflammation. Yeah I feel now that they have enlargened, they won't go back to their original...however...The skin ceuticals salicylic and mandelic peel I got from strawberry net, or the 40% lactic I used made my skin worse for 5 days, and then my pores were hardly visible or so minuscule it was perfect, so you can reduce them...trouble is this onl
  3. To cut to the chase, I had bad acne from 1994-2003. I went on roaccutane from 2003 for 6 months which helped. My skin has been quite clear lately except a pimple here and there and red marks from them. But...I really can't stand my pores. It's like they have a really dark shadow, maybe because they are clean, open and deep. I don't think they are blackheads...unless the dark bits are under my skin but I have been told they are open pores and it's smooth so it isn't clogged( ironically they l
  4. How are you going with your blackheads? I too have suffered pretty badly with blackheads and tried EVERYTHING. They are slowly getting better...but still not to what I want. they do make me look older or gross me out when I look up close and also lose my confidence. I am planning on doing micro and a strong peel and hope this works.
  5. THANKS! SAME TO YOU. still in athens? where is christmas for you?

    1. hey! hav a good xmas and new years.

      1. Hey man hope u hav a great xmas and new years!!

        1. pino84

          My skin close up

          just a close up of my skin.
        2. athens?! wow. what school. that's so awesome, you're so cosmopolitan.. im so jealous :( take pictures and post!! have fun stud.

          1. hey thats cool.Im still in Athens doing a psychology major for 4 years.. I really lke it here. u been up too much?

            1. thats good, yeah same everything is goin ok here..

              1. HI! i'm great, what about you? you went to greece right? how did you like it?

                1. its going good. i guess i cant complain, thanks for asking.

                  how about yourself?

                  1. yes www.herballure.com is a forum of amalgam(mercuy based problems) I have over 13 which is my fault eating too many sweets when I was young. I beleive theiris some evidence. I will get mine out someone soon from a holistic dentist and post any results if it was a waste of time or if their is a significant change in overall health.