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  1. oh i didnt read that part, no you should be fine then, i doubt the extra 1% antibiotic will have that much of a diff for you
  2. my derm was the one who prescribed me clindoxyl gel. it works really well but you can't over do it for the first month or so I was using much more than i probably should have for the first 3 weeks with no redness/drying/peeling at all. then out of nowhere i woke up one day and was very red/scaley, so im taking a break from it for a week or so until my skin gets back to normal. It works better than any other prescribed topical i have used before, but moisturize from the beginning, that was m
  3. the franchisee i work for has horrible acne scars, and i had moderate acne when i was hired, and 2 years later im still there. they truly could care less about how you look as long as you have the right attitude and work ethic.
  4. does it HAVE to be organic? or can i get the same results with normal acv? at my work there is acv but i could find no organic so that is why i am asking
  5. 70% would be for a peel, 8% would be used in a product which is meant as a daily topical most likely.
  6. it probably won't go away by itself. mostly likely it will come to a head, meaning it will "break open" while washing, and the white puss inside will get washed away
  7. definitley. anything in the 'goatee' area of my face. i can deal with my forehead (hair covers it anyway) and cheeks. I don't mind being able to see my acne when im looking in a mirror, i just dont like the idea of someone being able to see it head on when im talking to them.
  8. When do you shave? pre or post facial submergence in the water?
  9. your hair is worse than your acne.
  10. how is everyone use it? you lather first or put it right on skin and rub it around? do you wet skin first?
  11. so what is this thread talking about? -have acne because you smoke or -smoke because you have acne? i think its neither, everyone in my family smokes/has smoked in their life, only a few have had acne
  12. healthy skin face lotion by neutrogena is good