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  1. white male, 80mg/ day claravis 72kg my face definately appears red, like I have a sunburn. it's not just me seeing things because my friends have said something. today is day 30 for me..obviously it's not the sun factor because I'm using sunscreen too..it must be from the accutane, possibly a reaction while it's getting into your system
  2. Just checkin in guys 72kg male taking clarivis, day 24 Just saw my derm last week, and up until now I have experienced zero major side effects at 40mg so she decided to increase the dosage to 80mg/day, and I love the suggestion. Honestly while I was driving over to see her I was unsure what she would say because my face is looking better already. I was actually scared she would tell me I didnt need to take the tane anymore, so her committment to helping me by upping the dosage was like
  3. 77kg male 40mg/day Clarivis Day 15 Hey Emma, I know I keep posting experiences every few days on your thread, but I didn't want to create my own so I figure these posts count as free bumps Haven't experienced any MAJOR side effects so far: Flaky scalp, dry lips, dry skin on shoulders. Honestly these aren't even an inconvenience, i'd rather them be dry than have acne! What moisturizers are you guys using? I know I use too much water on my face when I shower, but I literally spend
  4. 40mg 77kg male Day 12 Nothing first 7 days, then BANG day 8 actives increased at least double..here a few days later, day 12, most of that breakout is peeling off. Around my mouth and on the sides of my nose have always been dry but now their a desert. I use way too much water on my face in the shower.. Overall no real changes, as many others report, roughly 2 weeks in. I see the derm in 7 days. Very dry, but no noteable side effects. Lips are dry but they have always been and it
  5. The worst thing you can do is worry about the side effects. Don't psych yourself out. Just deal with things as they come, and try to forget that you're going to be in the middle of this process. It will make things easier.
  6. Hey guys, I started accutane 8 days ago. Here are my stats: Age: 24 Sex: Male dosage: 40mg/day weight: 165lb My acne is worst under my mouth, chin, sides of chin, and jawline. Oiliness is severe on forehead, between eyebrows, nose/sides of nose. I'm going to be going through this same process as you guys for the next few months, so I figured i'd join in. To my knowledge, zero side effects so far. I have, however, broken out pretty bad in the last few days. Mostly chin and jawline. Jawli
  7. NIGHT 10_________________ same oiliness, breakouts in same area. 80 days to go woohoo..not
  8. NIGHT 6_________-gave my skin another break, did not apply NIGHT 7________________ -this morning I really noticed some flakes, I've tried tazorac before for about a week and this was when I stopped. -after today's shower, I've noticed a large rise in developing lesions. -some are directly under where I removed a large flake of skin, and my hope is that this means it is the result of the tazorac. I think my skin is beginning to purge. next few weeks will not be easy, but this is why I
  9. NIGHT 5______________________ -same process as previous nights, no real changes to note - some of the dark spots from blemishes before I started taz on the sides of my face are becoming less noticeable. -I do have one rather large lesion on my chin but it's mostly because I tried to pop it and it wouldn't. -laugh lines actually seem to have gotten worse -skin still burns around mouth when I wash my face in the shower -oiliness/red spots still very prominent -small blemishes r
  10. NIGHT 4 I took off..skin was burning every time I've taken a shower. will shave again and apply another coat tonight.
  11. thanks for the reply @brainfreze27..tazorac I've been told is the strongest retinoid out there; I've tried and failed with the weaker ones. my dermatologist gave it to me, it's actually prescription only so that shows how strong it is I guess. I went to the dermatologist basically demanding accutane, my brother did 3 months of it and his face is PERFECT. even if I'm not breaking out which is maybe 5/52 weeks of the year, my face looks like I just got off the treadmill in pictures. the oil is int
  12. NIGHT 2 _____________________________ -applied 1.7 pea sizes 0.05% taz (probably too much but it seems like I can never make it spread throughout my whole face) -large lesions to right of mouth still present but don't 'pull' when I open my mouth. -new lesions on chin and directly under lips are present -laugh lines/red spots/oiliness still prominent -mild red/dry spot to right of nose. -following today's first shower, face feels like it
  13. I am a 24 year old male, Irish/polish. I've had acne/ extremely oily face since I was 15. The last several years I've made it a personal science to have the clearest complexion possible, because once you get a taste of getting girls, you want more and more. I've gone as far as using concealer to hide blemishes when they get bad beyond immediate repair. The last few years have taught me it's simply impossible to have maximum confidence when you know that pretty girl is looking at your acne and no
  14. Same thing happened to me man after a peel, my dermatologist described it: "you may experience a breakout after due to all the bacteria rising to the surface." Are you really using 1% taz?! The highest potency ive heard of is 0.1%...I just started the 0.05% gel a week ago and its flake city! Just wondering how long youve been on the taz and if you experienced that initial breakout period thanks, steve
  15. One time my best friend said "you gotta get rid of that shit man, thats gross" although he most likely meant it moreso as advice rather than an insult. Back in high school, a kid did a rap in the cafeteria, one of his lines was "when I look at this kid all i see is a sheet of paper with red dots" right in front of everyone. At the time I honestly didnt even care what people thought about me, but shit I sure did in the years to come. Sometimes its not even what people say; its resorting t