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  1. Wishclean- Would any of the Brita or Pur ones work for a bathroom faucet? Those are the only ones I can find. Clear my Skin- They did actually! Saw palmetto, stinging nettle, black cohosh. I eventually swapped fenugreek for the black cohosh. It wasn't a drastic change by any means, but when you have an oil slick for a face, even a little change is welcomed.I saw none of the negative side effects I read about regarding birth control. I've read that taking just 3 of them is suitable so I
  2. You're right. So glad you suggested a filter for the shower. What a difference. I'll have to pick up another air purifier. I have cats so I have one already, but another one would definitely be worth it. Thank you!
  3. So, i finally tested my water. Hardness and akalinity are at the max amount. The ph is 8.5. Which explains a lot. I need to find the test kit for mold though because it's growing on the wall underneath my bathroom sink and also, I had the unfortunate pleasure of finding mold in the little tray I keep my toothbrush in. Disgusting. Now that I've bleached the shit out of my bathroom, I'm hoping that will be a little more under control. Wanted to find out if highly alkaline water can damage pipes
  4. I was just going to suggest the same thing. Earth balance natural buttery spread is very good. I'm a farm girl and I eat butter in ridiculous amounts (not intolerant of it and I'm underweight) but when I attempted to go vegan a few years ago, someone suggested this. Very good.
  5. Saw palmetto-Took a while, but it helped. I also added fenugreek and stinging nettle. Not a huge difference. Girls-my northern ladyparts got bigger so that was nice. Not by much, just fuller. No complaints about that side effect. Peppermint tea- I don't know if it was drinking a ton of this or cutting out pop, but it helped. I'm back to drinking pop, but only one every other day. I just couldn't hold out any longer. I like bubbles with my dinner. But I'm glad I went a couple months pop free
  6. I can relate. I'm obsessive about the way my skin looks so you're not alone. You already know you need to stop picking at your face. I gave myself some pretty terrible scars and marks and while they are going away, I can't put myself through that again. You're right, it's relieving at that moment, but we all know it makes things worse in the long run. I hate to give you tips on face picking because it's better to just stop altogether, but if you're going to do it and you don't already know
  7. What you're describing about the skin colored bumps is what I had when I was using jojoba oil as my moisturizer. They were itchless, painless, and everywhere. I had thought it was acne from switching up my routine but I guess I'm allergic to it. When i stopped, the rash went away within a couple weeks.
  8. I've been using BP since highschool, so that's 15 years for me. I won't bother trying to stop using it again. It keeps me nearly acne free. And I agree with DJM204- 2.5% works better for me than the higher concentrations. I have very sensitive skin and anything higher will cause me acne/redness/peeling. A thin layer of 2.5 twice a day is perfect. Along with my oily, sensitive skin, I also have the unfortunate combination skin. So around my mouth it can get dry and flaky (though the flakes ar
  9. Another poster and I were just talking about this on a different thread. My skin is so reliant on BP, i can't get off of it no matter how hard I try. I just can't risk the acne that comes when I don't use it because that leaves me with scars and marks that take months to go away. But we're all different. If you try to stop using it, I would do it in sections and see how it goes. Maybe start with your forehead. For me personally, I have to use a cream cleanser with SA. I can't use one w
  10. Oh I know about the BP skin addiction..or at least that's what I call it. I have acne prone skin, but generally no one would know it as long as I use it twice a day. But if I try to stop, nightmare. I hate it. I want off of it, but when I tried to ween myself off a few months ago when I tried to "go green" it damaged my skin so badly, I'm actually still dealing with spots left from the acne I got. People say your skin can't get addicted to anything, but I don't believe that at all. I'm def reli
  11. I have never thought that there might be a ph issue with my skin, though I understand how important it is not to throw it off. Going to pick up strips to test it out and then head to the hardware store to buy a shower filter and see what happens. I don't know how my ph could be off since I use nothing harsh on my face but who knows, maybe something else is triggering it. I would be more comfortable with that being the problem than having rosacea. Can dietary changes or medication change the ph f
  12. Hi Tom, Thanks for the link, I don't know where to start on it, but i'll keep reading. I really don't think I have rosacea because I have none of the most popular symptoms. Like facial redness, I have zero... Cleansers- I've used several with higher phs and I end up with problems, especially any that suds up. Tightness, rashes, acne and flaking...it's horrible. But a few days after going back to my old stand by, my face clears up and calms down. I won't make the mistake of switching again.
  13. Thank you for saying that! This is part of my confusion actually. I've googled rosacea a lot lately and I'm having trouble weeding out incorrect information. I'll try again and if you have any reputable sites to suggest, please do. Is this rosacea forum only for people with the redness all over, flushing, blushing and whatnot? I don't have that....
  14. I don't think (or don't know) if I have skin ph problems but I might pick up those strips and test that. I use a cream cleanser with a ph of between 2.8 and 3.8 and though people tell me I need one with a higher level, my skin won't tolerate it. Too sensitive. My skin is doing much better on this gel the doc gave me. I wish my dark spots would fade a little quicker, but at least I'm not getting more cysts. I still don't really know what to believe as far as whether or not I have rosacea, but I
  15. Wishclean- thank you, it does help. What products do you use to manage inflammation? Water- i looked up my city's water report tonight and i wasnt sure i was reading it right. I need to check the fluoride. I didnt even think about that. I just saw that a particular bacteria and lead were not present. I'd actually like to test it myself. Im just wondering if the pipes in my house are rusted over or if something is leaking in through crap pipes. The water came out of the faucet dark brown last w