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  1. I was thinking maybe some of my acne could be my hair products because I have alot of bumps on my forehead. Does anyone know if their could be a correlation between the two? And if you think there is, what sort of hair products could I use? Ones that have no aroma? I need to use hair products on my hair after I wash it because I have naturally wavy hair so it gets frizzy easy so using no product after I wash my hair is not an option right now I use aveda Be Curly line and I feel like when I u
  2. Hey! Thanks for replying. I have actually thought about using the regimen but it just worries me it will make it worse..I read some reviews on it and it seems like most people hate it or they love it..but I may just try it out
  3. Hey guys! I was thinking about going to the dermatologist again but maybe deciding against it. All she does when I go is prescribe be an anti biotic and a cream. The anti biotic clears up most of the acne I just don't like being on antibiotics because I have read they are not good for our bodies. My skin isn't bad enough to go on accutane, so that isn't an option. But I was curious to know your option on antibiotics. Are they REALLY worth taking if they are not a long term fix for acne? Does it
  4. sounds really good.but i wonder where do i get it from? offline? i dnt think its something that i could get at any store(medical or otherwise) in my country and online shopping is not something i've ever done. *yeah,i am a dinosaur* also,if its $30 then in my currency it would be Rs 1710 or so. damn! i will try to contact the company but i dnt think it will be of much help. Hi! You can order it off of amazon here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002MSN3QQ/ref=redir_mdp_mobile Or at th
  5. That sunscreen sounds amazingO-O I just looked it up on amazon and it got rave reviews. I definitely want to try it in place of my cetaphil SPF 15 facial moisturizer
  6. Yup- I tried MAC a few years back because I heard some people do not break out from it. Of course I did, my skin is so sensitive. But if you have acne prone skin definitely stay away from MAC products. I try to stay as natural as possible with my foundation because certain kinds make me break out and feel itchy. I found a foundation I want to try called "Illuminare" and they have different foundation types for different types of skin like oily or dry. They say its water proof and stays on all
  7. Hey guys I like all of y'all are trying to figure out the root cause of my acne. I think makeup may not be helping. I was wondering if y'all knew which ingredients to avoid in makeup products if you have acne prone skin ? If someone could provide me with a list of ingredients to avoid? I use this E.L.F. Product that I think may be not helping my acne..the ingredients I will list below, are any of these ingredients harmful? e.l.f. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder ingredients: Talc, Mica,
  8. Would taking Vitamin D3 capsules help you think?
  9. Hey guys..question- if you have had problems with anxiety/depression in the past is it almost positive you will get depression/anxiety if you choose to get on accutane? Would this not be a good idea to get on it if this is the case? I have heard of some cases people becoming so depressed they commit suicide..scares me.
  10. I'm not sure if its fungal or not, or cosmetic acne..gr! My derm never did any skin tests to see if it was fungal, she just prescribed me an anti biotic which didn't get rid on the bumps on my forehead..so maybe that means its fungal related? & not bacteria related? I don't know if I'm making sense because I don't fully understand it lol. But I know I have had these bumps on my forehead for a long time now..since I was about 13? So I know it's not cosmetic acne
  11. I have really bad bad menstral cramps so that's one reason I want to get on it also because I have heard it help alot with that! You give alot of helpful tips .I like you! Lol
  12. Hey all-curious as to how y'all properly dissinfect your makeup brushes to prevent breakouts (I have heard this can cause major breakouts!.yuck!) I don't wash mine often so I'm thinking this may be contributing to the problem. I have read to soak it in 99 isopropyl alcohol then ivory dish soap..got that info here: http://maquillageobscura.blogspot.com/2010/06/sanitizing-and-washing-makeup-brushes.html?m=1 What are y'all's methods of cleaning your brushes?
  13. Thank you:)I just bought a fave wash from Neutrogena the acne stress control w/ SA in it and I feel like I woke up with more bumps then when I just use my Cetaphil:( I dunno if its the brand or what? What do you think? With the pillow-I was thinking do you think buying a silk pillowcase would be better for people with acne than a regular cotton? I feel like it wouldn't irritate our skin as much and stuff doesn't get all stuck up in it like cotton..do you think? Cool! I love lemon water:) I'm