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  1. I understand it's horrible isn't it. I was 14 when my problems first started and it is only now at 17 that I have found a treatment which works for me. I could ramble on forever about the treatments I have tried to get rid of my body acne if you would like? But I feel that the most important thing to realize (and what I wish I could tell my 14 year old self) is that having acne on your chest, back, face, whatever is just a part of growing up that most people go through. Don't ever think of yours
  2. I have been on basically every antibiotic that is going for the treatment of bacne. None worked. What my GP and Dermatologist failed to tell me was that antibiotics do not help to cure acne or even prevent it. Their task is simply to reduce the redness and inflammation that occurs. Mine was mild to moderate and I noticed absolutely no change with antibiotics or any tablet treatment. This wasn't through lack of trying or not finishing my course, we are talking five different antibiotics over 4 ye
  3. I shampoo mine once a week and then run teatree oil into them, wash them through and then dry them with my hair dryer...
  4. I don't have particularly oily skin but I didn't want a moisturizer which was very heavy so I use ZeroAQS (which smells of primary school paint tubs unfortunately) and also Aqueous Cream which are both emollient moisturisers. You can use them as a wash as well which is good if you don't want to get greasy skin. I use these along side benzyl peroxide and I used to use them when I use Retin A.
  5. In honesty I couldn't tell you without being bias, everyone considers their acne worse than it probably is right? The dermatologist said it was moderate, however, I have no scaring at all. Why do you ask?
  6. Plus it has the same effect as putting sudocrem on for example, it doesn't help instead rather it acts as a masking product making it look better.
  7. I had body acne and I can walk with a book on my head without it falling off... I don't think there's a link personally.
  8. After 4 years of different treatments for bacne, I have used exfoliation chemical and brushes, light therapies, natural remedies (such as egg whites), Retin A cream, Antibiotic cream and I have been on about 4 different antibiotics. The dermatologist told me that the only option was Roaccutane but I wasn't so keen. I am so glad I said no, I was given benzoyl peroxide 2.5% and told basically to get on with it. My acne was very similar to yours, I have stopped exfoliating my skin and started with