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  1. I have been using the dr. Dennis gross alpha beta peel every other day, salicylic acid wash with my clarisonic every day, and finacea every night. The red marks seem to be rapidly fading! I have a few left, but am hoping now that the breakouts have mostly stopped I can focus on these. As for the spiro, 2 weeks on 100 mg has made a huge difference! I haven't had a new blemish since last week, and the remaining couple have healed. Hoping this continues!
  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement lifeinfaith!! It helps a lot. Tomorrow will be 6 weeks on Spiro, and I am pleased with my progress. Especially since bumping up to 100 mg, I am seeing some positive changes. My skin is finally getting clear! The nasty bump from last week cleared up over the weekend, and I haven't seen or felt any new ones forming on the chin! My skin is pretty dry right now, but nothing a little moisturizer can't control. I had 2 clogged pores spring up on my upper cheeks (ne
  3. So I upped my dosage of Spiro to 100 mg on Friday. So far it is going ok. My skin has been pretty dry, but I am also using a salicylic acid wash, so that might be contributing. I am a bit frustrated because this morning my 2 remaining blemishes seemed to be clearing, but after lunch I looked in the mirror and can see/ feel a new one forming on my chin. Make that 2. Large bumps beneath the skin with no head. I don't understand why this keeps happening. Tomorrow will be my 1 month mark on Spiro (o
  4. So, I had my 4 month follow up with my derm today. I have been taking Minocycline, Finacea, and Klaron for 4 months; Spiro for 3.5 weeks. On Monday I had a new cyst-like blemish form on my cheek, which was frustrating. I also had 1 blemish on my chin left over from 3 weeks ago. My derm attacked the 2 blemishes today, so hoping they will heal quickly. I opted not to go for Smoothbeam today, because I only have a few blemishes. I don't want to do something so extreme if it is not necessary. It is
  5. Hi weddinggirl! I am thinking of stopping birth control too. My melasma has gotten so frustrating. It did not start until I began taking Ortho tri-cyclen lo in November 2011. I started Spiro 3 weeks ago, so I am hoping that will help the acne so that I can get off the birth control. I also feel that the birth control created or exacerbated the acne problem. I got occassional breakouts before, but after starting the pill I hae consistent blemishes! I am just really worried about breaking out wors
  6. Hi splashberry, Any updates on spiro and Ziana? I am using both, but am thinking of asking for a stronger retinoid. Thanks!
  7. Hmmm...it is hard to describe it. I think they are clogged pores, just tiny bumps that sometimes turn into a whitehead. Usually once I exfoliate at the end if the day, they go away. These didnt start popping up until i started the Ziana, before that my problem was larger blemish breakouts. I have definitely noticed a decrease in oil. I wear Klaron, sunscreen, and liquid foundation and my face is not oily at the end of a 10 hour work day. It used to be oily after a few hours of just makeup! Li
  8. I am on 50 mg of Spiro and 55 mg of Solodyn. Today is day 17 on Spiro. The 1 blemish leftover from week 1 on my chin is still healing, and I have had a few new clogged pores pop up (I can see some on my cheek, and a couple on my chin). They aren't really noticeable and I don't think they will develop into anything, but I wonder if / when these will stop coming. I have not had any new breakouts since week 1. I am optimistic, but since it is still early I am still a little anxious about whether I
  9. I should also add that I use the following daily supplements: 2 950 mg Omega 3 EPA and DHA; 3 1000 IU Bitamin D3 (blood tests show I am very deficient, so my allergist put me on these); 2 advanced acidophilus 1.5 billion microorganisms. I also follow a gluten, sugar and (mostly) dairy free diet. I originally eliminated these foods due to possible allergies, but after skin and blood tests, my allergist says I am not allergic. However, I just feel better when I avoid these things.
  10. Lifeinfaith, I really like the finacea. I love the texture, and I think it works well on both blemishes and lightening marks. I am also using it for melasma on my forehead (thanks to birth control and sun sensitivity, I now have that to deal with in addition to blemishes! And I am only 27. Oh joy!). It is hard to tell what is the catalyst when you are using so many topicals, but I do think finacea helps the marks. It kind of stings the first couple weeks, but now my skin is used to it. I hav
  11. Hi NYC86, I have been on Ortho Tri Cyclen- Lo for about a year and a half. I developed melasma and my acne seemed to get worse upon starting the birth control, but I decided to stick it out as everyone said it would make my skin better. It never did. I am now on Spiro, and am thinking of going off OTC-Lo because of its effects. I'm hoping that since I am on Spiro, I won't suffer a breakout from stopping the OTC-Lo (so many people say going off hormonal birth control causes breakouts). Can yo
  12. Hi lifeinfaith, It sounds like we are in pretty similar situations! My skin did not get very bad until I was 26/ 27. Prior to that, I had almost perfectly clear skin. In college I had a mild clogged pore problem, so I went to the dermatologist, but a little topical Duac for a couple months and I was completely clear again. After moving to NYC and starting a new job, things got progressively worse. I will save you the entire story, which is in my log. Suffices to say, I am now on Solodyn, Spiro
  13. Today is day 10 and I thought I would give a brief update. The 3 blemishes I described on Tuesday are healing. This is much faster than normal. Perhaps it is the Spiro working already, or in combination with the Solodyn? Not sure. I have noticed my skin is drier than normal, which is not necessarily a bad thing. From what I have read, Spiro reduces oil in the skin, so this would make sense. Certain areas of my face are a little peely, but I also use topicals. I still have a couple of teensy bump
  14. Thanks! No, I haven't had my hormones tested yet. What topicals are you using? What dose of mino are you taking? My doctor put me on 55 because of my weight (110 lbs), but I definitely feel like the mino should be helping more than it is! Maybe I will try increasing. I am supposed to go back to my derm in 3 weeks to see how the Spiro is going. He suggested Smoothbeam as a sort of "quick fix" for the chin, if Spiro is not working. Maybe I should wait on that a little longer...
  15. I am creating this log (also created as a blog entry) in hopes that it helps others. I was blessed with nearly-perfect skin my entire life, until the age of 23. I began having occassional breakouts, mostly on my chin around my mouth, and visited my first dermatologist. These minor breakouts seemed like a big deal to me at the time, since I had never experienced this before. I was prescribed Duac. Within 1 month, my face was crystal clear once again. Using duac as needed kept me clear for almost