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  1. I normally, have moderate acne, but I recently tried something new in my routine while also going through a period of extreme stress. So naturally my skin broke out like crazy. I have a lot of some what deep pimples coming up and many little bumps as well. New ones are coming up while some are ready to extract every day. I think once all of the pimples caused by the new toner I used express themselves, I'll go back to the moderate acne (instead of this severe state). I'm just wondering
  2. So I started the Regimen about 6 weeks ago, and nothing has really changed. I'm wondering what my next step should be. I had relatively good skin through my teens with maybe a pimple or two at a time, and then things got worse when I was 20, and now I'm 21. I'd say my acne is now moderately severe, with pimples in various stages on my forehead, my cheeks, and my chin. In the past six months my acne has really progressed to being worse and worse. I've thus far tried going back to the very