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  1. I'm taking the ipledge test and a question confused me. "You should talk to your doctor about birth control: each month during your office visit, only when you have a problem, only when you signed the consent forum" I think it's each month but i don't know. My doctor didn't put me on birth control. I selected abstinence and none. Please help x
  2. Sorry I haven't posted, nothing has been happening lol! So far, only side effects are dry lips. The acne on my forehead has cleared up a bit
  3. Hi, I have been on Accutane for 15 days, and no improvement. I don't expect to improve that fast but, I have been breaking out reallllllly horribly and it sucks because it's tempting to not pick since its like 3 in one spot together. Also, the only side effect I've had is dry lips. Is this normal? x
  4. Hi! So, I recently started Accutane for the first time on May 10th. I decided I would make a Accutane log so I could see my progress. I'm 16 and a girl, if that makes a difference I'm on 40mg per day. I've tried many things to clear my acne and they work for a little but then stop! I've tried proactiv, clean and clear, doryx, and other things prescribed to me that I don't know the names of. I have tons of acne scars, so i don't know if you can see my actual break outs but I have tons. It look
  5. Hey so I've heard of the dreaded initial breakout, but everyone's said they got it on the second month. I'm only 10 days in and I've been getting tons of white heads since day 6... is this normal? I'm scared it's not gonna work for me. They will come and go, but sometimes they sorta fall off.. like I don't touch them but I'll be washing my face gently and yeah.. I'm scared it's gonna scar The only side effect I have so far is really dry lips. Please help
  6. About 4 days ago I went to the dermatologist and he recommended I start accutane.. So I took a pregnancy test and it was of course negative, I am not sexually active! They asked what 2 forums of birth control I'm on and I said none...and she said we'll put abstinence as one of them then. And that was basically it. They told me you can't get pregnant and gave me the iPledge papers.. and i scheduled an appointment in a month to take another pregnancy test. I'm a bit confused because people on here