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  1. Thanks for answering, Aana. I doubt I'll go back to a derm...I LEFT my last derm because she refused to believe that food allergies were causing my cystic acne. She basically accused me of being melodramatic, when in fact I was right all along. My gut issues also appear to be solved, thanks to my naturopath. So I know something else is going on, but I'm not sure what. I dropped face washing products because they never seem to help me. The only difference I ever noticed in my acne was from inte
  2. Hi there. I've lurked on here for years (and actually had a different active account for awhile, but lost that email address and can't get back in.) I've been clear on and off for awhile now, but I need help. I'm so confused. Even my naturopath is stumped on what to do with me going forward. I'm hoping if I share my story, someone might have some idea on what I can try next. Story (I'll keep it as short as possible): Skin goes crazy with heavy moderate acne at the age of 12. It's practi