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  1. Summerstar

    Day 4

    Hello People of the World!, I’m back, sorry about the delay. So today is day 4 for the Epiduo, and I am starting to notice some changes. My T-Zone started breaking out and my right cheek is breaking out with large zits. Also where my glasses rub on the bridge of my nose, I had one or two zits that were still under the skin, now I have three HUGE!!! Ones (I think they may be cysts, oh how I hate them!) my skin is also a little flaky, as if the dead skin the Epiduo is ridding of is piling on t
  2. Summerstar

    Day 1 The Story

    Dear Tristen420, I have heard of accutane, but i'd rather start with stuff with less side effects, and also with something that is affordable in the single-parent house. And do to my age, acne usually comes back worse with accutane, so it wouldn't be a permittee fix for me. Also, i'm trying to grow my hair out too (to the point where i can sit on it again, only 6 more inches till it is long that long when it's wet and straight) and accutane would make that near to impossible, due to how drying
  3. Summerstar

    Day 1 The Story

    Hello People of the World, I am Summerstar, and I am on a mission, a race, for perfect skin by high school. Stereotypical, right? Well, you would be trying your hardest too after years of premature acne. This race is 136 days long (until August 28th, 2013) and I hope to post frequently…. around the busy life of a Most Do It All person, schedule. And I know that most people post beginning pictures of the first post and give visual updates after that, but… I don’