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  1. I just recently figured out dairy was the issue. I literally drank 5 cups of milk each day for about 18 years. Now i have a problem, I think it may be the hormones/steriods injected into the cows. Its possible to find out now, if it wasn't a big deal a few years ago.
  2. lol Interesting. I would donate my blood, but I'm anemic and my blood pressure is so low, I wouldn't be allowed to donate it for that reason.
  3. Yeap, 100% and dairy too. I feel the itchyness, it drives me insane. I'd rather just avoid it and not feel that. I cut them out and I feel so much better, and so does my skin. I was able to drink milk and eat wheat for majority of my life. All of a sudden I can't. Maybe its the environment or the chemical additives within those products.
  4. Same thing happened to me last year. I just cut out bad things for a year. Then I crept back into my old habits. What I found out is that I wasn't breaking down the food properly in body and it wasn't absorbing very well. You have to get a good B complex (high end type, not cheap drug store brands). You might need to add HCl/betaine in your diet for a bit, you can stop if you're stomach feels acidic enough. Try to pair salads with proteins and carbs such as rice. Try to cook your vegetables W
  5. No You're wrong. Everyone's DNA is different. It can be due to an illness or a food allergy. Don't make assumptions.
  6. UPDATE Stopped Drinking Milk, and eating any modified milk ingredients. Skin doesn't breakout terribly anymore. I also stopped eating wheat in the process, this allowed for moringa to work so much better. At one point in time, I actually stopped eating fruits and all sugars to control my acne. Not anymore, as long as I eat vegetables (cooked) or I take vit B complex each day, I can eat sugar to an extent without breaking out. Topically--> use vit. E oil mixed with carrier oil (
  7. Scoops of it? I just looked at the wiki page of it and i see it as like flowers and "pods" that look like big weird arms. Do you mean like you have it ground up or something? Also, how do you take it? Do you eat it straight up, or sprinkle it on food, or what? Can it be made into tea too, and still get the full nutrients and benefits of it? You just go by the recommended amount on the container, usually its 8 grams. There is a scooper in the jar. July 4th Update So milk for sure is causi
  8. I began taking this product called moringa oelifera ( I think I spelled it right). So far I'm beginning to feel the great effects : lots of energy, better circulation to my hands and feet and my skin is clearing up quickly. Apparently, this is a miracle cure plant, used in many countries. The only thing I noticed is that when I drink milk, I feel the side-effects of milk are amplified since I began morgina. I have a really bad rhinitis, I've used every single nasal spray on the ma
  9. I'm a girl, and when I drank protein shakes too supplement my lack of meat intake, my skin got 10x worse. What I learned is that if you need to up your protein intake without breaking out, try making ALOT of meat soup along with vegetables and grains, its easy on your body to digest and it comes from a natural source. I heard bone broth helps too. Its just a tip
  10. why don't you try a more natural root? Aloe vera gel and coconut oil for your skin. It won't clog your pores. Antibiotics will do bad stuff to your skin because it destroys all the intestinal micro flora which maintain a healthy immune system.
  11. I put it on my toast every morning [Edited image out] It actually has more medium-chain fatty acids -- 6-12 carbons-- in it, which is said to have antiviral and antimicrobial properties. I've only found one study on that, though. In the study, it was found that the lauric acid that makes up most of the fatty acids in coconut oil (when taken internally) is converted into monolaurin which inhibits the cell membranes of bacteria and can stop protein synthesis and DNA replication. This would kill th
  12. Try drinking Warm whole milk. This will change the protein structure of milk which makes it easier to digest. Most people drink COLD milk which makes your system sluggish and slow= acne Try warm milk and tell me if you have better results.
  13. I know exactly how you feel. Don't feel like you're the only one. What is worse is when a stranger comes up to you and gives you "suggestions" to improve your skin lol, that is extremely embarassing on soo many levels. Honestly, its your diet and digestive system you have to fix in order to completely cure your skin problem
  14. Sleeping is when the body detoxifies its self, and your body can repair itself. Congrats
  15. ask24

    Only Water

    There is some truth to your method. Not to use abbrasive scrubs or harsh chemicals on your face. But I do think you should clean you face, to get remove some of the oil off your face (it may contain some contaminants from your environment, pollen, pollution etc.) As for oil, you should use on your face, it will "push the pimple" as you say. Once you clean your face use extra virgin coconut oil, there will be improvements and your skin will feel smooth and soft.