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  1. Good for you, man! = ) I'm the same age as you , & my acne is just a few little red hills, mostly on my forehead, but also on other areas of my face, but not that bad. What I hate most is the red marks/hyperpigmentation b/c I have the latter on my forehead & it looks so red compared to the rest of my face. Then there's a couple superficial red marks/scars on the sides of my face, right by my ears & I hate them. I'm pretty much immune to bp though so as soon as I can, I'm gonna tr
  2. This is a big-time scam, or so I've heard. I haven't heard of it working for anyone so far & apparently they don't honor their money-back guarantee, if you want to send it back. I found it once too a long time ago & was slightly interested in it but check out the acne board at healthboards.com & you can hear what people say about it.
  3. oh, you mean you tried one of their products & it sucked? It's so hard to recommend something when everyone's so different.. I hope you find something that you like soon though. = )
  4. I've only used their pineapple facial wash for normal/oily skin & I love it. It's been discontinued for awhile now & no animal testing (if you care about that) & my only qualm about it is that it doesn't take all the oil off my forehead but it's allright. Guess it's b/c it's a cream but I still think it's a great product & I have nothing bad to say about their company so go for it. I'm sure they have some very good products, but I've only tried 1 thing... good luck if you try
  5. Update: I finally got my pineapple wash on saturday but i forgot 2 post sooner. but man, i LOVE this stuff! theres a lot more than i thought there'd be & its the only thing ive ever tried that doesnt dry me out 1 little bit which is incredible in itself it only takes a tiny bit 2 use & its against animal testing so thats even better i finally found the perfect face wash but curse my foul luck this has been discontinued 4 some time now & ill probably never get another bottle
  6. Are u talkin about soaps like BATHING BODY soaps or...Purpose Cleansing bar Soap type of soap? Back to top toenail Joined: 25 Apr 2003 Posts: 160 Location: Toronto Ont Posted: Fri May 23, 2003 10:52 pm Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- why not try burts bees products or kiss my face. both great semi-organic companies well i'd say more like the purpose type bar soap but this is handmade s
  7. well i got my free sample of the avalon cleansing milk several days ago but i was disappointed yet again. it smells great & there was absolutely no irritation going on but when my face dried it was so freakin dry! i havent peeled as much since i used phisoderm a couple years ago i like how it does no animal testing or has no animal-derived ingredients but i dont know why it made me peel so bad i could actually c the flakes & i can usually only feel them & the flakes were al
  8. i recently found this & im interested in it but would like some more info. i know i hav more than 1 vitamin deficiency & im sure this or their multivitamin would help but i was wondering if ne1 has ever tried Herpanacine or other vitamins 4 acne? im no expert but i think its easier to treat acne by combing internal & external treatments cuz it makes sense, especially since hormones r a key factor in acne & helping them would probably help ur skin. ive never taken any kind of v
  9. Ok; i just submitted my address to avalon products so they're sending me a free sample of their cleansing milk i wanted to try. i bet i'll get it before i get my pineapple stuff. i also talked w/ the dude who owns the soap fairy plant & he said that his face treat bar is great for sensitive skin like me & that it has no added fragrance which is a bonus i guess. i don't think i've ever tried anything w/out a fragrance b4. they're also making a tea tree bar & it'll be ready i
  10. allrighty then; where do i begin? i might really like the pineapple stuff but i'm trying to get a free sample of that avalon stuff just in case i don't. i don't think my skin likes gel or bp cleansers very much but i'm not sure. i want to try something different, something cool. u know, what's the difference between an artificial & fragrance/coloring-free bar of handmade soap vs. a soap-free hypoallergenic cleanser like the ones yall mentioned? i found this one bar of handmade soap spe
  11. um, r all guys recommending that stuff to me or each other? i don't know, i'm stupid :mrgreen:
  12. i forgot to say in my post that i've also tried the johnson's moisturizing baby wash on my face as well. i've tried so much stuff it's hard to keep track of it all & i forget things easily. i really thought it'd be good for me but it just made me tight like all the others. and yeah, i do want a cream cleanser cos i like how they feel but isn't the avalon milk a cream cleanser too? the pineapple wash looks like a cream & it is but not thick & heavy like pond's. i think it's a crea
  13. hi~ i've used it too but i only got to use it for a few days. i just sprayed it on my face & body & there was no dryness or irritation & i did see some improvement, corny as that might sound. i'd still be using it but i went to my cousin's house a few days after i got it & took the silver w/ me but i must have left it over there somehow cos when i got home i didn't have it. my cousin lives 250 miles away so i couldn't just go back & pick it up. i would have bought some mor
  14. i agree; sometimes parents truly suck. for toenail: i don't understand why ur parents would call u those things. they don't even sound like they should be parents; i mean, no one deserves to be called that. hope that doesn't offend u. but for somuchsolittle- r u in 9/10th grade? i am too; actually, i'd be in 10th grade if i were still in school but i'm not. i didn't quit cos of my acne or anything but i remember how girls treated guys w/ acne at school. some r actually attrac
  15. i know; i only wanted a good face wash that'd take the oil & dirt off every day. u know, i'd probably just wash w/ water but i've read that just using water can't take off all the bacteria & germs & that it's better for someone w/ acne to use a gentle wash. i've also tried the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser cos my derm wanted me to try it but it always made me dry & it didn't feel like it cleaned my face very well. i know how popular it is but maybe for me the less popular the b