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  1. @beautifulambition Hi, I fully understand and thanks for the response. Actually, I also was under the impression of doing this monthly from tons of research 4 years ago. I normally just do 1.5mm needling spaced 5 months apart. The reason i tried this 2 week interval treatment regimen was because of a research study doing exactly 15% tca peel and micro needling spaced in a two week interval alternatively. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3996784/) What are your thoughts on this? F
  2. David Lim uses TCA cross for icepicks even for the nose. However, the nose is also the most unpredictable when it comes to results following an invasive treatment. If you can't get hold of a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is experienced in treating nose scars (and successful at it!) then, I suggest you will have to wait until you do or do at-home treatments and gamble. Some people in this forum did single needling on their scars, but they never really followed through to report back. This
  3. Hi everyone, so I've been trying to treat my scars by doing a 1.5mm microneedling (derminator) and 12.5% TCA peel together. I've only started doing this recently so I can't really give a report on improvement. However, if I'm not crazy, I do see one of my deeper ice pick (looks like a slash) get a tiny bit shallower (maybe 5-10%)? I have other shallow scars but I don't really examine them because I also have hyperpigmentation which is more of a priority for me. What I do is every two weeks I do
  4. Thanks for the reply BA. Don't worry I know that any invasive treatment contains a risk. I agree, Derminator is pretty good for its price. I used to do manual needling in the past (single needling and dermastamp). Although, I only used the dermastamp twice. But the Dermaneedling I've had 3 to 4 sessions. I only do it once every 5 weeks but, I haven't been consistent so It's more like once every 4 to 5 months. I have also done peels for years but I never go to a really high %. I've done, 15% gly
  5. @Sibel, So the holes never healed? That's unfortunate. I don't think its an expected effect or anything guaranteed because people still use derminator just for anti aging and even discoloration and hypertrophic scars. I've done single needles before and they would leave a wound but would disappear the next day or two. Maybe derminator proponents such as @beautifulambition can give us some insight? Also, it's been 24 hours since by derminator sesh. My cheeks are still noticeably red. And I
  6. Hi, I read that the channels created by the derminator or microneedling is supposed to be non-visible to the naked eye. However, after I just finished my session (fast speed, 1.5mm) till the point of pinpoint bleeding, I can see the channels or "holes" created by the derminator. They're currently red but the fact that they are visible is worrisome to me because I read that the channels or "holes" they leave are supposedly, invisible to the naked eye.
  7. Hello everybody. So I just finished doing my first session of derminator at fast speed (1.5mm). I kept going at it at moderate pressure and moving in small circles around the scarred areas in moderate speed until my skin had pinpoint bleeding. After washing and cleaning my face, I observed it and saw there were visible holes left by the derminator. I know that microneedling is supposed to leave holes but is it supposed to be visible to the naked eye at 13-15 inches away from the mirror? I'
  8. Alright thank you guys! Will wait till until end of june before i try anything. Alright thanks for the reply. I will wait at least until end of june if anything. By the way, im tryna remove my other hyperpigmentation marks by doing 12.5 tca peels. Should I avoid putting it on the area where the fresh scars are?
  9. Hi, so I got a two cystic acne 2 weeks ago. they've subsided and left a dark mark but also a narrow boxscar and a narrow icepick scar. Can I single needle it or put 12.5 or 30% tca on these fresh scars to encourage remodeling?
  10. So no news of the human trials?
  11. Oh, you already broke your fast. good job anyways for a first time
  12. The weight you are losing is your water weight, It's very normal. Water weight is very very very easy to gain back. After your water fast, in just days of eating, you can already gain a LOT of your water weight so dont sweat it.
  13. I definitely know what you guys are going through. Been here in acne.org for so long and read so many studies, testimonies, etc. one things is for sure the nose is the worst part to have any type pf scarring be it indented or hypertrophic. It's true, only a minority of members here in acne.org have bumps on the nose or as well as indented scars and that's why there hasnt been much progress to finding a solution. Though, i asked one person who had indented scars on his nose a long time ago if
  14. I've stopped needling my nose scars. I thought the hole was getting slightly bigger. But then, it went back to its original size after some time. After that i stopped needling it because of too much risks.