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    I know exactly how you feel. I have a lot of closed comedones all over my forehead, chin and jaw-line. I also have blackheads, cysts and pustules -_- There is not any part of my skin that is clear. It is also incredibly flaky, and the years of using BP have made it very thin too. The fact that your cyst seems to be coming to a head is good, as this means it will likely go away within a week or so depending on the healing ability of your skin. You may be left with some hyper-pigmentation, but th
  2. You are all so good looking even with some pimples. I have acne conglobata, and some of my cysts are cm's high. No joke. Its horrible. I had one on the corner of my mouth too and i could only drink soup through a straw for weeks. Im at uni too and no-one i know has acne, they get a few pimples but its not acne. The only thing that gets me thorugh it all is the fact that i have a bf who loves me no matter what.