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  1. Hey, looking forward to following your log I am also on Differin (0.1 cream) I have been for 4 weeks now - I have mild acne with lots of closed comedones on my chin (the ones I'm most paranoid about) and closed comedones on my forehead too. All I really care about is getting rid of my chin acne because it makes me so paranoid as it's not so bad from afar but when I smile or stretch the skin it goes all red and you can see all the white grainy things After 4 weeks on Differin I've had a pap
  2. Anyone else currently on Differin? I'm on the 0.1 cream but I may ask for the 0.3 gel when I go to the doctor in a month's time. To be honest I don't really know what Differin is doing at the moment. I've been on it for almost 4 weeks, and I have a massive papule on my right cheek (considering I rarely get acne on my cheeks unless my acne is going through a bad stage) and it doesn't seem to be clearing up the closed comedones on my forehead at all. I have a cluster of closed comedones on my chin
  3. Hiya, sorry I can't offer much but I can say I understand and can completely empathise - my acne is pretty mild but I just cannot deal with the cluster of about 40 closed comedones on my chin, they're like tiny and just a red blotch until I smile and it gets even redder and you can see all the white granules. I'm on Differin now and trying out dairy free but seriously thinking about extraction because I can't think of another way. I am so paranoid as well and spend hours researching cures and t
  4. Thanks for the reply. I did try using Paula's choice BHA exfoliant, but I broke out in tiny bumps all over my jawline as a result - so I stopped using it. I still have it, though, I guess I could give it another try but only put it on my chin? Re. extractions - I had researched that. I'm not sure where you're from, but I'm from England so I'm not sure if I can get them free on the NHS? I would have to be referred to a dermatologist first but is it possible when the comedones are just sooooo
  5. I doubt it, don't beat yourself up about it. It was only a little bit, not a tub of yoghurt and I bet won't make any difference. Just carry on with the dairy free diet
  6. I second the almond milk. I am a huge fan of cereal and milk so this is one of the worst things about giving up dairy (and milk in my tea, I'm so English haha) but almond milk isn't too bad at all! For breakfast I have a mixture of Dorset cereal muesli and fruit and fibre bran flakes, with sliced banana and almond milk. It's low GI, keeps me full for ages and it's yummy
  7. Sorry I know this is annoying but would it be possible to delete a topic I posted a year ago please? The thread is here: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/327937-paranoia-about-acne-causedepression/#entry3340376 Just wanting it deleted for privacy reasons. Thanks
  8. Hi all, really sorry if this post has been done before. I've done so much research on this, spent hours on these forums for help/hope/advice but I decided it would be best if I just started a thread so I could maybe get some direct help. Basically for the past year and a half, almost two years, I've had a very stubborn bunch of closed comedones on my chin. It's sort of like a red blotch, until I smile or stretch the skin and it gets redder and you can see loads of small white granules - embe