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  1. i asked cetaphil if they supplied the uk. they were very helpful and said you can order it direct from them, i have the info somewhere but i can't find it. it's like 6 pounds for the 500ml and free p +p !! i don't know if there still doing this though but sounds pretty good to me! best guess is to email them from the website and ask xxx
  2. ok, thanks. so would it not help the body to adjust just by going off it slowly rather than so suddenly? x
  3. Hi, I've had acne for about 5 years now, maybe more. Antibiotics worked first time round then when I stopped taking them, the acne came back with a vengeance. I've been on Dianette only for a month now and my face is pretty much clear although I still have a little on my back but I'm not too bothered about it. I want to get off Dianette but my doc thinks it's better to continue for a few months, maybe 3 to allow my back to completely clear..I don't really know why she wants me to continue as I'
  4. has anyone tried the E45 Facial Freshening Creamy Wash? http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....mp;slmRefer=000
  5. hey guys, had the skincare test in superdrug today and because of all the medication we use on our skin to control acne, it actually turns out as category dry to very dry even though originally my skin is oily as well. she recommended the bio-oil for the red marks as i don't have too many and said you need to use it for atleast 12 months for it to work well. anyone else still on it? quite tempted to try as it also works for stretch marks apparently?
  6. ooh ok thanks for the advice! it's good i didn't try it then, thought it seemed a bit strange but it would probably make my acne worse, esp. as my skin is getting oilier these days xxx
  7. Has anyone had any success with the Clinique 3-Step? I'm using it now after soooo many people told me how good it is so I thought i'd atleast have a go. Doesn't seem to do much more than any other products, which are cheaper. It doesn't really clear up your acne but it does make your skin itself better I think. Necessary? Probably not. I'm sure there are other things that could give better results. I'm also using their new Turnaround Mask which is quite good though, my scars are disappearing and
  8. Be careful with Dianette. It increases your risk of getting Deep Vein Thrombosis and i've seen it happen.
  9. Just wondering if anyone has tried this new Bio-Oil thing? It seems interesting but quite expensive - about 12 pounds i think in the chemist. http://bio-oil.info
  10. Wow I wish I hadn't been so tempted to buy it. I've managed to stay clear from Clinique since I started acne 5 years ago and I had some amazing chamomile lotion that healed my acne but I've finished it all up and can't get anymore for a few months so I thought i'd try Clinique. My cousin uses it and has brilliant skin and i've heard such good things from friends about it.. but now i'm breaking out more than I have in months! The first week it was good, but the second week, it all came out! I do
  11. Well you have the ingredients..it could be that the chamomile was soothing to my inflammation. I'm sure there are similar equivalents around here with similar ingredients. This is what the box looks like. The bottle inside was a 70ml clear bottle with a blue fluid. Sorry the picture is not very clear, could not get my camera to focus properly. [attachmentid=3813] I bought it from Watsons.. I think it is actually an american chemist so I don't know if they have it in the USA? It's a japa
  12. Hey guys, I've had acne for about 4-5 years. I have been on antibiotics, which cleared them up for about 6 months, but then I broke out again, even worse than before. I've tried literally everything.. cider vinegar, baking soda, st ives, tee trea oil, clear complexion tablets, witch hazel, I've tried so much useless rubbish. When I was on holiday in China, I bought this 'Magic Acne Removal Liquor' from the chemist. I was a bit hesitant about it because it cost about 10 pounds and I bought the
  13. I got the turnaround mask as a "free gift" when i bought the 3-step from clinique. It worked well the first time, more even skin tone, and my red marks were less prominent as well. However the 2nd time i used it, maybe i overdid it a little, but it made me breakout a bit although it does seem to help the red marks a little. We'll see how it goes anyway. the mask is only supposed to be used once a week anyway so it shouldn't be too bad although i wouldn't recommend it to people who don't have pro
  14. I think you all need to be really careful about taking so much vitamins, at this age you really don't need to be taking supplements at all, and nowhere near this much. It could be really hazardous for your health later on..
  15. There's always this..don't know what it is but it sounds yummy! Strawberries & Cream Mask