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  1. Be careful... I had really clear skin on a diet high in veggies and fruits and very little salt, but I was killing my adrenals...as my sodium potassium ratio was off ...please be careful...getting my adrenals up again is taking me a lot of work...and acne is nothing compared to going through adrenal fatigue..
  2. Hi I know stress plays a big role in our acne...its alot for me. I wanted to hear how you handle stress on a daily basis? Things which really stress me out: I want to be perfect in how I and my family eat, so I make sure we almost never eat out. If I fail at that on any day it stresses me out. I am an engineer and working at my job is more than average stressful. I stress out about keeping appearances, and acne definitely adds to that stress. Stress about extended family especially in l
  3. Hey WishClean Please let me know the details about your laproscopic surgeon. Sent you a private message as well. My doctor says if I do not do the laprotomy there us achance they wont be able to save my ovary at all. Would want to get a second opinion on that.
  4. If iodine is actually causing acne it is bromide detox. Your body needs iodine. It is needed for apostasis. Prevents cancer and good hormone function. For women after thyroid, your breast and ovaries also need iodine. Two very interesting books on this :The iodine crisis by Lynn Farrow and Iodine and why you need it by dr david brownstein. Iodine also helps balancce out hormones, but due to us getting bombarded with other halides (bromide and fluoride) we detox when you start taking iodine.
  5. Thanks for starting this thread WishClean. I have been diagnosed with a dermoid circumscribing my right ovary.
  6. b12 breaks me out...look into histamine intolerance if b vitamins are breaking you out.
  7. Hi I noticed something similar. I breakout from most probiotic supplements(except homemade yogurt), and apple cider vinegar. I think you are on track about the histamines. I know I can stay clear if I avoid them, but I want to improve my histamine intolerance as many of the things we are avoiding are so good for you. I hope there is a solution. Sucheta
  8. bump once again as histamines seem to be up on the boards these days. Any hints as to how to improve under methylation?
  9. Hi Wishclean, Thanks for pointing me to this link. Have you done anything speciically to improve your histamine intolerance. I know I clear up if I avoid citrus, fermented foods, probiotics and lots of avocados. I want to find ways by which I can buil;d up tolerance again to these foods. Thanks Sucheta
  10. Sure please let us know what worked for you
  11. I really do not want to take a chemical right now. I have spent over the last 2 years trying to heal my gut and body by not ingesting any aspirin, ibuprofen , antibiotics or anything else. I do not want to change that by taking any benadryl etc. I am going to work on my stomach acid which seems to be a biggy and probably digestive enzymes.
  12. After researching some over last weekend I strongly feel I have a high histamine issue. ACV, Sauerkraut, citrus, tomatoes, strawberries all point to that. I will be following a low histamine diet for a while and try to research more on how to improve histamine intolerance.
  13. Thanks TreatAcne for your detailed post. I am very against supplementing if not needed. The only 2 supplements I worry about are VitD and B12. I am brown skinned and my absorption of D is much lesser due to that. I live in San Diego and take walks /run around the canyon behind my workplace every afternoon to help. I do not take D regularly unless I really have not got much sun, But B12 is what really worries me. I was at the lower end during my last physical, around 300 and had dropped from 5
  14. What do you mean by acid? Do you think I have too much acid?