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  1. this is true, as I hyperpigment very easily...what else would you suggest? dermarolling? sometimes my skin is not that red, but whenever I exercise or get hot I get so flushed and blush a lot, so sometimes it's actually not red like the picture, I just wanted to post the worst picture of my skin I could find
  2. I agree with dudley, you should do Fraxel Repair multiple times. Not Fraxel Restore, which is completely different. After the Repair is done you should try fillers. Dermarolling cannot compare with Fraxel Repair, take a look at all the scientific journals on Repair. You have rolling and boxcars btw.How is the right side of your face? both sides look almost exactly the same! and ok will do more research on it, thanks!
  3. it's been 4ish months and I plan on pursuing treatment over the summer. I want to do what's most effective. so far fraxel and dermarolling look the most promising but I was looking for advice! also, what type of scarring do I have? rolling boxcar etc? thank you!
  4. after several months off accutane all my acne is gone, but my skin texture is horrid. my scarring is so bad that no one can really notice my acne is gone bc my skin still looks terrible! I just want to look like a normal person, HeLp!!
  5. my acne is all gone, scarring is the same :/ very bad scarring
  6. thank you Jamie! def will check that out and I think they meant scarring would appear worse whilst on accutane bc it looks more red. at least I'm hoping that's the case!
  7. Month 4 still looking for sunscreen suggestions for oily skin
  8. day 111 finally got a picture in a little bit better lighting where you can see the quality of my skin and also how red and greasy it is all the time. I've been using cerave sunscreen but I still think it's too oily for me so if anyone has any sunscreen suggestions for oily oily skin that isn't even getting dried out by accutane I would love it.
  9. day 109 another painful zit on my lip popped up last night but after popping it last night to get all the pus out its healing up already this morning which never used to happen. it would always be filled back up the next day. so hopefully the redness will go down now!
  10. praying for you and so happy for your skin
  11. day 107 things have cleared up again and I've decided that I'm addicted to accutane. I may not be happy about the way my skin looks but it feels so smooth and is actually a normal kind of oily and it's not painful everyday like it used to be pre accutane. I love not having pimples cover every square inch of my face and I'm afraid to get off accutane now bc I just want to have clear skin forever. scarring redness aside It's not about aesthetics anymore it's about life comfort and I actually feel
  12. interested to see how your second course goes good luck!
  13. wow lots of improvement!! question, do you still get breakouts now that you are almost done with accutane? Im in the middle of month 4 and i still get breakouts even though a lot of my bumps have cleared up but its just frustrating bc im afraid that it will all come back once im done
  14. Day 101 very painful cyst on my chin :/ and a few light breakouts all around my face (comedones)...my skin looks really bad too its very very red and uneven looking and its covered in quite a few bumps
  15. Go get that award. I know what it feels like to not want to go out in public because of my skin, but you CANNOT stop living! life will go on either way. I've learned that I have to take joy out of what I can in life becaue I definitely have not learned to take joy from my skin and appearance. So things like awards and honors can bring you a little joy in your life. No matter what your skin looks like, it feels good to get an award. Believe me, I was valedictorian and got to make a speech in fron