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Cheap - one roll lasts ages Easily obtained Effective You need to be really gentle to avoid damaging healthy skin Can leave skin underneath a bit pink & tender if you remove too much skin. If you are not gentle enough, you can make it worse and end up with a scab. This is an essential item in my makeup bag - I wouldn't be without it! I hate how dead skin absorbs makeup so I always make sure to lift any dry bits up with tape. I use insulation tape (my personal favourite) - it's not overly sticky which is very important! I do not recommend ordinary Scotch/Sello tape - much too sticky and you might damage your skin.

By maplesyrupmama,

Cleared my skin and prevented new breakouts. This was good to get my skin back to a reasonable state. I have suffered from mild hormonal acne for years but had a terrible breakout which lasted a few months. My face was a mess and I was continuing to get new acne (small, medium and cystic) on a daily basis. I was prescribed an 8 week course which was free on the NHS (I live in Wales). Acne came back within 10 days of finishing course. It didn't upset my stomach, but it did make my bowels a bit softer than usual and I went every day, which was not my usual pattern, so that was a good thing. Unfortunately, the acne came back within 10 days - not with a vengeance, but a definite return, nonetheless. Temporary solution only. I took lymecycline for 8 weeks and enjoyed seeing my face get clearer from almost day one. I didn't even have any blackheads. It worked to get my skin back to a manageable state but didn't fix the problem permanently. Unless I want to stay on antib... Read More

By maplesyrupmama,