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yes, it works
Back in the day , when I was young, well around my 30's I took the miracle pill. It worked really well ,I had never seen my face , free of pimples. My face got so red , like a sunburn , it was the first time I really needed a moisturizer ,I slathered aveeno moisturizing lotion ,I mean the one for the body , but it felt good ,I had no pimples . I only took Accutane like for 4 months because I have high cholesterol and my liver couldn't take it anymore , it also made me really , really depressed .

By noche,

like any other antibiotic...
This was one of the antibiotics that the dermatologist gave me. This was a long time ago , about 25 ? , years ago . I kind of had to figure it out how to use it ,I had to take it either 2 hours before a meal or 2 hours after , never ever with a meal , or I would end up with a horrible stomach ache,with really bad cramps ,. Believe me, the worst thing , one day I had my sister who came to visit from mexico and I don't know if you know how easy it is for people who were born in Mexico, but she got

By noche,

stay away!
I did became addictive to proactiv,I started using it around the year,1995,,right up until they messed up with the formula around 2009 ,but I wasn't notified until after 2011 ,look on the web ,they had a recall for the cleansers and the treatment except the toner , so if proactiv before that recall used to send me for a visit to the dermatologist every now and then ,imagine what it did after, when their products weren't working and ended up with cystic acne plus probably a flare up of seborrheic

By noche,

use with caution.
To use by itself ,hummm benzoyl peroxide shouldn't be used by itself ,I ,found out ,that I needed a good exfoliator and good moisturizer ,otherwise I end up with clogged pores ,I can use it on my back ,just for a couple of days if my back gets itchy or during the day if Im Not wearing any make-up,I just put some on a q tip and kind of pretend that I clean my skin using the q tip ,as a spot treatment when having a painful pimple ,this is what can happen either the pimple would die or pop and mak

By noche,

This is a review for the treatment only
This beats proactiv anytime.I use it in combination with over the counter products ,and believe me ,it works .

By noche,