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  1. This seborrheic dermatitis,everything fails... I finally decided to use the xolegel ,ketoconazole 2% gel , hard to apply but I think it's worth it! The gel is expensive, but if you have insurance go to the official website and download a coupon or get one from the doctor, it's about $20. Wash with cetaphil antibacterial soap and then wait for the skin to dry, then apply the gel, I do it twice a day . I take oregano oil 3/5 drops under the tongue to bypass the liver(I read about that online)
  2. Hello guys ...long time ,no hear .... An update .... It has been really hard to treat hormonal acne due to hypothyroidism ,plus this eczema ,seborrheic dermatitis . I got fed up with antibiotics. Ditched everything , ended up using cetaphil antibacterial soap and listerine the blue one cool mint as a toner ,temoved with water, didn't left on skin ,funny , well ...it removed cysts from my face,I didn't know they had a home on it. My moisturizer ,...oils Coconut oil and castor oil ( organic
  3. Could it be some infection from shaving ? Beginning of folliculitis ? Have it checked by a doctor or dermatologist.
  4. I know that Ziana gel, it's expensive, but if you have insurance , there is a coupon on their website , it says : you pay only 20, we ended up paying 35 for my daughter because we have a higher deductible,the coupon is good for 1 prescription and 2 refills ,so just get a new prescription after that and another coupon. As you know Ziana already has the clindamycin gel + the retin a,so that is a good alternative when discontinuing the minocycline. Just treat the skin as needed ,some days it migh
  5. Have you tried clean and clear dual action moisturizer,oil free ?
  6. Clean and clear dual action moisturizer oil free . I can even mix this moisturizer with the benzoyl peroxide treatment.
  7. @Hopedieslast...Yes , stress plays a huge part ,but I also think stress is the cause of all illnesses. I had an appointment with my dermatologist yesterday and he asked about my stress levels,pfff ...through the roof, always. I need to start watching more comedies, and don't take things too seriously. Flekkn...I think you make a lot of sense too , I seem to do well regarding hydrogen or benzoyl peroxide too. Take care everyone and keep postings your experiences with medications or over the c
  8. My update ... I'm still using the doxycycline 50 or 100 once at night, I use the 50 if my face is not itchy, otherwise the 100 for itchy face. Washing my face with Dr Bronner's liquid lavender soap. Once or double wash morning and night , when I use make-up, it's double wash. Then ,8/10 minutes after I apply Dan's benzoyl peroxide treatment mixed with clean and clear dual action oil free moisturizer (sometimes I can get some residue that looks like white plastic, when I massage this mix o
  9. SebdermRelief...I tried the acv ,braggs , and I used it diluted and undiluted , it was just too much for my skin to handle. Thank you for the advice. I have read all the posts on this thread, I have used most of the recommended stuff , I have managed to control the redness and flakiness, but still get some cystic acne, I think my problem could be my hypothyroidism, so hormones related, benzoyl peroxide helps, along with dr Bronner's liquid lavender , I tried the peppermint and it was a no, no
  10. This is for the person who mentioned singulair ...my husband takes singulair , the brand name and even when he doesn't suffer with acne, I believe this is the reason why he doesn't get any breakouts, I went to the patents online information and read what singulair does,pretty interesting ,and now reading this from someone who thinks that singulair is helping with their acne , I'm glad. Take care!
  11. Dermablend is one that is supposed to help with that, I guess . Personally I Haven't tried it .I have seen videos ,I think that you probably could find some videos about covering scars ,online. I know all about scars and how down can make us feel sometimes. Talking from experience ,there will always be something about ourselves that we don't like. And you would be surprised about how the people who we really think are flawless are not. Take care.
  12. Hopedieslast...yes ,....my skin also improves with eczema treatments, Most of my redness is gone , but I'm still dealing with some flaking, I'm going to try the cetaphil products that you are trying. And yes , I have heard about the Apple cider vinegar , I tried it but it was a little bit harsh for me , I haven't had any flaking or breakouts on my scalp, I don't know if it's the loreal sulfate free shampoo , my scalp problem is mostly right next to my forehead and since I have been using the
  13. You can start reading the posts on the forums,maybe you can find some that can relate to your type of skin. We can give you suggestions only , but you don't necessarily have to use what we recommend. Why the prescription from the dermatologist didn't work , maybe you can try seeing another dermatologist. I know it's frustrating dealing with acne,but sometimes it's not only the skin treatments that can affect the way we treat our skin, but also our hormones play a big role. What have you use
  14. The clinic didn't give you instructions about make-up and also probably removal of it ?. I think your skin is healing really nice. Thanks for the information. Take care.