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  1. This is what I do each day... and it seems to be working for me at the moment which is a nice change... Before I set my face to the sun and place my feet in the grass... -Wash face with warm then cold water -Clindatech antibiotic topical thingy -Bellaboo moisturiser Afternoon dirt and pollution if need be... -Witch hazel wipe -Bellaboo moisturiser The last glimpse of day... -Wash face with warm then cold water -Epiduo topical cream -Bellaboo moisturiser Throughout the day
  2. Ok I have strived to survive and have ultimately reached the one month mark of spiro. which is good. Considering last year I'd use something for two weeks, freak out and bail on it.... makes for unhappy skin and an unhappy me. The thing that I find interesting after reading various reviews on spiro is that like 99% of people commenting on this med claimed that it caused major upsets in the initial stages due to an explosion of acne which then eventually calmed down. Bloody hell man! if i had
  3. Bloody hell man... like honestly, the same story of getting the old hopes up what with the skin clearing and all then BAM! new breakouts! so shattering... at least one side of my face has managed to stay clear and smooth, now on the waiting side for the acne marks to fade away. The other side of my face however is defying the meds I'm taking and going into remission of breaking out.... rage at life man.... At least it's not as bad and not as many though the more it breaks out, the more red t
  4. So, good news, my skin is clearing up! which is pretty much i'm sure what everyone on this site wants to experience and share... yay yay yay. Bloody hell man, and what a slog it was! Still got a bit to go what with clearing/healing up the red marks left behind from the acne but my face is so soft and smooth now! i'm hardly getting any new ones and they seem to be clearing up pretty quickly too so thank you aldactone/spiro meds for helping me get my confidence back and not being Roaccutane... fin
  5. So, what it's been like 4 days? 5 days? Man i'm dodgy at keeping track and doing daily updates but whatevs bru So I actually think something's happening... well at least I think it is... it doesn't seem any worse at least thank goodness and I have actually been told that it's looking better so here's hoping for continued recovery! I've actually been a bit naughty lately too and ate some bread! shock horror! which I'm not meant to do due to gluten not meshing with the old bods and all..
  6. I have embarked on something new. I have the topical and now get to try the internal stuff.. which is a little bit of concern for me as my body never responded well to any of the oral antibiotics or such stuff, just didn't deal with it at all so that was always a flunk and i was stuck relying on the topical creams to get me by.. which they didn't really, they kind of just made it worse then maybe a bit better and then pretty much static with small fluctuations but since it's either this aldacton
  7. So for each time I try something new I have realised that I fall hard when it comes to the two week period. It's so hard to stay strong and positive when it seems that your pores are just inflaming and your skin getting redder with each glance in the mirror! Hence my aversion to mirrors/photos and that sort of thing. Like at the moment I'm on these herbs that are meant to help you from the inside. Problem is that they clean you out by pushing all the gunk out, which for me means that it makes it
  8. I think it would be really really cool to have a meetup group solely for people with acne. I don't know about everyone else but when I go out and about everyone around me seems to have clear skin and I'm like, there must be someone else out there going through the same thing as me! You see all the blogs and forums and stuff for people with acne, but where are they! Is everyone hiding away though I don't blame anyone if they are because I feel like that too sometimes. Wonder what people's th
  9. I just want to say that yes, I am still on the trial and error course of finding something to help with clearing my skin. At the moment I'm using clindatech plus a face wash and moisturizer as well as sea water, so we'll see how that goes. I got told to take photos each week so I can see the difference, good grief it's a hard thing to deal with, it can be like a slap in the face if you think you're doing really well and on the right track and all.. anyway, I wrote this for youth central and hope