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  1. I'm going to backpack throughout Asia for two months, mostly doing it overland (bus, train), so it's going to be hard to wash my face at the correct time (or even not being able to wash it at all) seeing as washrooms won't always be at my reach when I'm on the go, like on board of a bus. I was thinking of bringing with me those facial wipes/makeup remover towelettes. I know some people are against those, but I'll only use it exceptionally. Does anyone recommend any brand in particular (that doe
  2. I had awful, painful cystic acne all over my face, mostly my chin, mouth and jawline, like you, and I was put on Minocycline and I immediately saw drastic results within three weeks. By the third month, I was almost clear save for a couple little pimples (which i really didn't mind , i'd rather have tiny bumps rather than having quarter sized cysts). She then told me to continue on the antibiotic and added the birth control Alesse to see if the rest of the remaining acne would go away. Today, I
  3. In my case, it's the other ppl who are more critical towards me. I'm not my own worst critic nor am I in denial, because I know I have very bad skin. It is what it is. Take it or leave it,
  4. I've been on antibiotic (Minocycline) for almost 4 months now. Since it's killing the good bacteria in my gut, what probiotic do you recommend to restore its balance? I used to take Bio-K in the past, I was thinking of going back to that. I'm also planning to travel throughout south-east asia this summer, and I guess I'll be more prone to food poisoning because of the antibiotic (which is something I'm very paranoid about) . Can taking probiotics ahead of time and every day help prevent tha
  5. The best foundation I've tried is Mary Kay Matte-Wear foundation and it's water-based. I have extremely oily skin, and this doesn't grease up on me a lot. Normally you need to buy it through a Mary Kay consultant (which I hate to do) but you can find them online instead (eBay or Amazon).
  6. That's an interesting question, I'd like to know too! I also wonder which application offers the best coverage, finish, etc.
  7. lol hell yea tell that to the Lush girl who kept talking to me about skin care...she was saying how drugstore products are not good becaus e they strip away the natural oils of the face yadiyadayada... I don't give a f*** , I only came to buy shampoo. It's like, people tell you things, suggest you things, things that we've already probably researched and heard so many times, and it makes me feel stupid, and I'm here thinking "Don't you think I already know that, and it might not be true for me
  8. Does green concealer work for those kinds of marks? I really don't know what to do...whenever I put foundation , the brown marks still show through since they're so dark almost kind of black .I've tried Make Up Forever's Full Cover concealer but it's not the right shade and it comes up orange on my skin. so tired of this crap aka my face
  9. what did you apply to it and how often and/or did you leave it alone for an extended period of time ? I was using benzoyle peroxide and I would apply it twice a day (morning and night before bedtime). I forgot to ask .. were you treating it continuously while it was 'dormant' or it came to a head(pus) on its own and then you started applying the bp ? edit: I noticed you use sulfacet-r .. I used to use this back years ago when I had a bout of acne and it worked really well .. so it's still
  10. Oh dear, I used to have a friend who was EXACTLY like him (used to...because we're not friends anymore...go figure)! I saw myself in your story. LOL it's like reading into my diary from my high school days The annoyed bitchy pissed-off looks, I hated that too...I remember she would give me silent treatments for no reason and that would hurt me a lot I dunno how I stuck for so long with her, I guess, like you, I am just too nice..
  11. what did you apply to it and how often and/or did you leave it alone for an extended period of time ? I was using benzoyle peroxide and I would apply it twice a day (morning and night before bedtime).
  12. I think I've had one of those. Mine became "active" again as if it were dormant. Eventually, it went away like normal (pus coming out and flattening).