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  1. I'm interested in IPL; in terms of helping pores to look smaller, even though it is not eternal. My question is that Does it help to solve large pores? See my photo for your decision whether it is appropriate to my problem or not Thx
  2. ** Duplicated topic. Sorry please reply the topic below
  3. I'm looking for the treatment to shrink my large pores. Anyway, I have only "two choices" between ND:YAG laser and IPL because the clinic I trust has only these two. I have already known that ND:YAG is better than IPL because it is more efficient in producing Collagen which is a cause of large pores. However, my question is "Is ND:YAG really 'much' better than IPL in terms of shrinking large pores? " ** I've attached my photo again to hear your comments which treatment is proper to me.
  4. Thx for your answer. I also have those on another side too, but it can't easily be noticed.
  5. First of all, I am very please to be a member of this site; actually I have followed the forum and I found answers are very useful. Well, My issue is I hesitate whether my right cheek has large pores or not. Or else I have ice pick scars. ** I have attached my right cheek already. *** Please tell me what "the distinct" problem is. **** I have received Fraxel treatment since December last year ( now = 3 times ) Thank you all of answers.