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  1. Leo A.. Have been following the holistic root..but progress is very slow. I recently went for my 2nd glycolic peel..and well.. my acne is more or less gone..but my skin got burnt..crap..!! now waiting for it to heel.. but acne can never leave me alone..can it? have developed 3-4 new cysts on my jawline..both sides... life sucks.. We plan to go the family way in a few mnoths, so my doc is averse to putting me on birth control pills or Spiro... attaching pic after peel.. her
  2. Hi everyone I just joined this forum, because i am feeling downright dejected and sad. I just turned 28 and around a month ago, i started developing acne on my left jaw. I thought of this as completely hormonal (since i ahve a history of PCOS) and thought they will go.. However, this kept on getting worse and before i knew, it spread all over my cheek. I can attribute some of this to using cosmetics, which contained shimmer (and chemicals such as bismuth oxide).. but most of it is unexpla