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  1. hi i am a veteran on this board. i post alot of acne or scars in the past. I have undergo my first dermaroller last 2 days on rolling scars?who people here has a improvement of dermaroller..This dermaroller i am quite skeptical about this device. In order to know there has some improvement. First or before treatment, go to your own room.turn off the light.Face in the mirror and use a flashlight in front of the mirror, there you can see that your scars are indent by using a flashligh and put of
  2. Acne scar on dermaroller pictures http://www.simply-aesthetic.com/MTS-Acne-Scar-Reduction.htm
  3. Hi, Yeh, I love my roller. I used it consistently for the 1st 15-18 months at least every 2nd or 3rd day for acne and an old (30 years old) scar on my forehead. I am really pleased with the results and now use the roller for mainenance/ageing treatment once a week/fortnight sometimes 3rd week (still using my 2nd roller). I allways rolled the whole of my face and incorporated the copper peptides from about a year ago. I actually use the copper peptides twice daily now (in combination with the
  4. If you have a big acne cyst let the dr. inject it with a diluted cortisone shot.I am a nurse and prone to acne scar also.last jan 2008 I got pissed off because I let the dr. lance the cyst(it has a small pus on it), after 3 days it become infected turned into a pus without healing . Then after 1 week there is a crater from a healing pus(the crust went off), shit I hate it. That’s my biggest regret coz if I let it inject the early then it wont develop pus and scarring. In the past I always te
  5. you mentioned that your acne is 1 inch?does it become dented as you inject it wilth a cortisone?
  6. hi Hi willow 569, can i ask the ff: 1. you mention that your derm extracted acne, so did it scar the first time? 2. Was it indented? 3. if indented how many months does it heal?
  7. Hi wheezy.. Thank you for posting your picture. I have never seen stitches that color...(much better than the usual black) it was kinda hard to make out where the stitches are ..but I figured it out. Your stitches look a bit tight like mine did. I was afraid they would cut through my skin and create new scars..but they didn't. You still have some swelling too. After a good night sleep your swelling will be down considerably and by tomorrow you will see a remarkable improvement...even though
  8. i wont recommed subsision coz it made my scars more larger....better to leave any the scars.....
  9. hi thats only a sample of wire scalpel picture and i havent done it yet.As for my update on filler with aquamid and subcision.Yes it did pump-up above my skin, i no longer bother the scar anymore, but after subcision i have encountered a small problem because i get a little scar from the needle, There is a scar from the excision mark but the dent scar is no more since it was injected with aquamid after subcision(it was done twice the other one is after 6 days), this is my honest experience...Wi
  10. hi i have undergo cortisone shot on acne last Oct 11 and it leave a dent scar, do you think somebody out there who has the same expereice that, will the scar fill-up since it is a month now...
  11. its been a month now since i have this cortisone injection.last week i have performed 3x iontophoresis vitamin c on this pigmentation cause by cortisone..Yes,yesterday was my 4th iontophoresis vitamin c(spot only). i have undergo many cortisone injections for 1 long year but this is the first atrophy i have encountered becuase i done it on a different dr., damn dat dortor she's full of shit... The spot is getting whiter already but i see atrophy, dunno if it will be back to normal(fill in),