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  1. StellaClaire

    Urine Therapy?

    It's all natural and seems like a golden cure ... I'm a little tentative to try it though because i dont know much. any ideas or comments!! If your comment is negative ill probably bitch you out so beware
  2. StellaClaire

    Step One

    Thanks for the advice! And I know medications sound great and all but the hidden truth is that with time (typically a year to four years) your body becomes immune to the antibiotic and the acne becomes more stubborn and unaffected by medicine. I'm not willing to take the risk
  3. StellaClaire

    Step One

    ~I have stopped taking my acne medication (minocycline) because it annoyed me that I was putting chemicals into my body being an intense athlete. ~ From tomorrow on I am cutting all refined sugars out of my diet *** I am lost with natural topical solutions, any help??
  4. StellaClaire

    About My Idea

    I idealize a day when my beauty regimen in purely natural and clean: nothing harsh or damaging. I will research and share my ideas and reviews with you and would be very thrilled if you did the same for me! Please don't be rude. We're all here to learn not to be ridiculed. I am open to all thoughts and ideas no matter how wierd or taboo. Thanks!!