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  1. I've been on spiro since April 5th, so about 2 months. My acne was bad at all until I was 18. I broke out really bad for about two months in cystic ance and finally it went away on it's own. Then about a year later around the same time I broke out the exact same way again but it didn't go away and it was worse. I went to the doctor and he prescribed me 100mg of doxy once a day and vitamin A. That didn't work so he then put me on birth control to see if it would help and it made it worse. So I ca
  2. right now I'm on doxy and spiro and I'm using acanya at night and the acanya completely cleared my face in 3 days.
  3. Did you have a bad initial break out due to spiro
  4. I just started 25 mg twice a day of spiro and 100 mg of doxy.. I never had bad acne until I got on birth control. I was on it for two weeks and stopped taking it because it made my face horrible. I've only been on spiro since Friday. I'm scared of the initial break out everyone is talking about. did you have one? and is the other medicine you're using topical? I just retin A and benzacline.
  5. What were your side effects on spiro? I just started 25 mg twice a day on Friday. I hope it works I'm just scared of the side effects and initial break out.
  6. Did you ever get an initial breakout?
  7. I just started spiro on Friday at 50 mg a day. I'm also on 100 mg of doxy. I never had bad skin until I started taking ortho tri cyclin (sorry if I spelled that wrong). I was on it for two weeks and my cheeks started breaking out really bad, which they never do, so I got off. I'm really nervous about the initial break out. I keep reading it's horrible and I'm tired of getting new bumps.
  8. Did you have an initial break out? I just started 50 mg two days ago and I'm so scared of getting a break out
  9. kittyc

    my skin already looks better have to be careful about getting dehydrated My face never broke out until I started taking birth control a couple months ago and this has already helped my face in a period of 48 hours! I just hope I don't get an initial break out in a couple of days :( the only thing I don't like so far is being so thirsty all the time