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  1. Thanks so much for responding ! I have mostly combination skin . I honestly think it's really just dry skin and I didn't moisturize for a long time thinking that it was making my skin oily but after doing extensive research I realize that my skin was creating it's own oils to over compensate for the lack of moisture because I didn't use a moisturizer . I came to this conclusion because I do have patches of dry skin so I try to use moisturizer her at least twice a day now. What type of skin d
  2. Does anyone have experience with The Body Shop face products? Ive heard great things about the tea tree mask and the tea tree gel to spot treat but was not sure if anyone has had experience with their other facial products ? (ie the tea tree perfecting serum, tea tree daily facial cleanser, the vit e hydrating toner, the vit e overnight moisture cream,the vit c daily moisturizer, the stay matte tea tree daily moisturizer) Any help would be appreciated!!
  3. Has anyone who has taken kratom for an extended period of time experienced a flare up in acne? Kratom can be taken in a pill form or can used in a powder form to be mixed in a beverage. Kratom is a holistic alternative for pain relief and comes from the same greenery as the coffee bean.
  4. What is the suggested dosage for over the counter L-lysine to help keep acne under control ? What is the suggested dosage for Vitamin E taken orally to help control acne ? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks !
  5. Oilygirl- I have been on different BC's since I was 19 and now I am 26. I never noticed a HUGE difference in the skin, but I have noticed that LoestrinFe does make my skin the most clear.
  6. I have poly-cystic ovary syndrome, and I've realized that my overproduction of androgens is causing an overproduction in sebum and causing my pores to be huge and clogged. Anyone have advice on foods and / or vitamins that will help lower androgen levels ?
  7. I've searched alot on this site and there are some good posts if you type "ice-pick scars" in the forum. It looks like I've been maybe overdrying my skin by being too rough exfoliating twice a week. Also, in the past two years, I've stopped working out, started drinking more and eating whatever I want. In this time, I've noticed my skin getting worse and worse. In the past few months, I've been getting back on track and have noticed that (esp. since I stopped drinking) that my skin looks so much
  8. My cheeks : when I smile, all the little holes connect like lines, if that helps any to figure this out...
  9. I have scars all over my nose and cheeks. It gives an "orange peel" look on my entire face. How do I get rid of them? I am 26 and had small adult acne in my early 20's. Now, my acne has subsided, with very small acne scars. I cannot seem to get rid of these ice pick scars ? I'm not sure if they are clogged pores or scars, but again, my skin has an "orange peel" look. My skin IS NOT dried out, however. I keep it very moisturized and what I've noticed is that that these "scars" fill up like pores?