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  1. r u trying to say im wrong with my diagnosis or r u saying tht im hving something else than acne on me? bcs i hv pimples, clogged pores, poor healing n regenerating of redmarks, also a cyst sometimes n just everything else lol apart from shitty skin n uglytus deformus fuckfaceitis im healthy as a horse!!!! retard body couldve use all this health n energy sources to fix my face instead! n i honestly dnt remember when i had a fever or flu last time which i btw miss bcs during those tim
  2. Modern science is very very limited in understanding acne/holistic healing. what if my blood is great and i have no inflammation and have good immunity? Great! Then you are probably free of all diseases.
  3. BrianneG, I'm having trouble with this quote thing so I'm just going to copy and paste from your post. " What is inside an acneic pore did not start off "inside the body", so it is not being eliminated through the skin." This explanation may be applicable to non-cystic acne. Three things that make me question this theory for cystic acne: 1. If acne started at the pore then why aren't cleansers and soaps clearing the dead cells? We should agree that people who have acne take more effort
  4. Hi aliengirl, Do you have any other problems besides acne? Thyroid issues, allergies, recurrent aches... Please read my post, you might find something useful there. Good luck.
  5. As an acne sufferer for the past 20 years I finally found an explanation/ cure that's worth looking into. Acne is the result when Our body uses the skin as the last resort to eliminate waste (toxins, germs, any other unwanted stuff). That is, our body has tried to eliminate the waste/toxins through the usual channels and we have not allowed it. Our body's immune system has a few ways to eliminate germs and any unwanted harmful stuff by Sneezing, cold, fever, loose bowels. Some people will