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  1. I'm not a virgin, but I've mostly been with ugly people. Never been with someone I realy like. I don't have any expectations about being in a relationship one day. It just seems unreal.
  2. I'm feeling awful. My skin feels like sand paper. There isn't a single clear spot besides the nose. I really don't know how it came to this, it seems like it's gettin worse. I'm turning 20... how long is it still going to take? =(
  3. Yeah, my mom kept telling me to wash my face like 10 times a day, then I went to a dermatologist and she told me I shouldn't wash it more than twice a day. lol I've had relatives (aka aunts) recommending me those stupid non-effective natural products like they'd be the easiest solution for acne. I don't go aroung telling my fat aunts what they should do to lose weight.
  4. hahaha A friend of mine recommended Proactiv, that was a couple of years ago. It actually helped to clear up my skin a little, but then I stopped using it and my acne became even worse it was before I started the treatment. Then I went back to proactiv and it didn't work at all. I guess Proactiv is only effective for teenage girls who have like 3 or 4 pimples on their whole face. Since then a lot of people have recommended many different products for my skin... I wonder if they have enough der
  5. It really bugs me when people tell me how I should treat my acne. I often hear things like "there's this friend of mine who used product X and it totally worked for them, you should give it a try". This makes me feel even worse about myself, I don't see why my acne problem should be a concern for other people, even if they are just trying to help. In fact, whenever the acne subject comes up in a conversation (even if it's not particularly about me) I get really annoyed. I think I just avoid