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  1. I wonder how's this guy doing with his BS ??
  2. Namrobi, I will undergo exoderm in a couple weeks. Check your mail please, I have million of questions.
  3. Oops, i forgot to mention the month and I think I put the wrong date. (I was thinking about my best friend's birthday.) Anyways, IT WILL BE ON 09-20-05. Thank God I was able to get it soon. You should always ask. Sometimes someone may postpone or stuff like that. I think the best time of the year to undergo any kind of surgery/procedure (in the US) is the September-November period. it's not too cold, not too hot, no allergy agents in the air . It's just perfect. (This is my perso
  4. I will have my exoderm on the 21st, so if anyone wants to join me to split hotel room, nurse, cab rides, etc, etc, please let me know.
  5. To Answer some of your questions, just let me start saying that eventhough I've been thinking about this exoderm procedure for a long time. I didn't have the courage to iniciate the first step. Last wednesday I woke up and then said to myself: " I can't live with my acne scars anymore" , "I have to go to Chula Vista" " I have to see Dr. Rullan" and then I called Dr Rullan's office and made an appointment. Right after that I got online searching for plane tickets. As you can see, I didn't pl
  6. Hello everybody, I just wanted to let you know that I'm having an appoitment with Dr Rullan next week. And hopefully I will have the famous "Exoderm-Chemoabrasion" Combo by the end of September. At this point in my life, I don't care how expensive it is. I just want to have a normal life. I live in Chicago and after an intense search about Exoderm-Specialists, Dr, Rullan seems to be the best. I already bought my plane ticket. ( I got a good deal through travelocity.com ) and I can't wai
  7. Ouch! it hurts so bad!!! there is still some blood on the floor. I got so depressed last nite and i try to kill myself. I try to slit my wrists. My brother took me to the hospital. my left hand was more affected. I don't wanna live anymore!!
  8. Ayla_ Thanks for your cheer-up words. I only used that make up for only a short period of time ( no more than 2 months). that's all what it took to destroy my beautiful skin . well, sometimes you think that acne is only part of your life , but I think that's wrong. We have to be realistic and nowadays the world is extremely demanding and very cruel sometimes. Wherever you go, or whatever you do, they look at your face. and no matter how much you trust in yourself, they will still look at
  9. I don't know if this story has happened to some of you, but let me tell you how my nightmare started. First of all, I am a ( 100% straight ) guy and my age is 28. When I was 16 I started to notice some pimples on my face and during that stage in your life, it is the worst thing that can happen to a person. Because your friends will make fun of you or your g/f or b/f will dump you!. (You remember that "puberty era" in your life in which everything has to be perfect!!. ) One day i was watching TV
  10. I am a guy but after looking at that pic I started to cry and cry so much . It really turned me so sensitive and emotional. I cried ( without stoping) for about 25 minutes and it made me think about my life a little bit more I really feel sorry for that guy from the bottom of my heart! I think that type of acne is even worse than cancer or anything else. If a person has cancer , he can at least hide it. But this poor guy can not !!! Wherever he goes, everybody will to look at his face (acn
  11. hello my friends!! I'm posting this message beacause I want to ask if someone has experienced a good acne-scar procedure in the windy city. If so, please let me know some relevant information about the doctor and procedure itself. I will be really appreciated.
  12. I'm still searching for some good acne scar treatments in chicago!! So if you live in Chicago and know of a good professional, please let me know! really appreciated!
  13. hi guys, it's me again and as you have figured it out, i live in Chicago and I have acne scars and I'v been posting many messages asking if someone has experienced a good acne scar treatment in this great city ( which doesn't seem to offer many good specialists in this field) So if some of you live in chicago, please don't hesitate to drop a line telling us your experience.
  14. Sometimes it sucks to live here!!!! Well, as far as finding good Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon is concerned, I think it's very hard to find one of those in the Chicago area. I mean, I've been reading many stories and experiences in this message board and it seems that (most of) the best Dermatologists or Cosmetic/Plastic S. are in New York or L.A. I'm serious, I haven't read an ad saying that someone found a good proffesional in the Chicago land. That's why i say that it sucks to live h