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  1. tane007

    Day - Unknown.

    Hey guys, haven't posted in AGES. And for anyone who may have followed this blog, i apologize. I wanted to wait until i saw some noticeable changes before posting again, then after about a month and a half total, my dosage ran out and there was about a week gap where i was off the tane all together. Then once i saw my derm he boosted me up to 40mg a day, which is twice what i was on before. Finally after being on 40mg for about a month and a week, i can say my breakouts have stopped. So i've pro
  2. tane007

    Accutane Advice Needed!

    the first week of accutane i was on 20mg and it felt like gravity had intensified. everything felt slow and heavy. But after that first bump i went back to normal and now im on 40 mg and fine! so yeah try and lower dose and stick it out for like a month, see how 20mg goes for you. maybe even every second day.
  3. tane007

    How Can I Reduce Accutane Redness?

    hot showers can cause this. but i too would like to know how to reduce facial redness whilst on accutane
  4. good dosage. Lower dosage = less extreme side effects.
  5. i dont even use a cleanser while on accutane, i just let the drug do its work and let my body react accordingly. Where you from? i skate also.
  6. tane007

    Self Prescribed Accutane

    your spots arent noticeable. Accutane will take like a year and a half of daily dosing at 20mg to be effective, which i still woudlnt recommend without a dermatologist because it can do liver damage etc.
  7. tane007

    1 Week Break From Accutane

    i too am curious about this and in the same situation. any advice for us?
  8. I definitely did! i received my prescription of accutane (or roaccutane, known here in Australia) about 6 months before i actually worked up the courage to start it! to be honest i regret not taking it straight way!
  9. my previous scarring has actually improved since accutane! i broke out and had cysts and whiteheads all over, but they quickly went away. im still breaking out a bit but whatever, its just like prior to taking accutane, and think its all gonna be better within a year!
  10. well its up to you, accutane will only really stop pimples, so if you aren't getting pimples any more, then don't take it, because having dry lips is pretty annoying. otherwise if you still break out badly, take it!
  11. yeah just wait it out. I used to have to wash my hair nearly daily because it got so greasy, now i wash it around once a week if that. My face isnt oily AT ALL! and ive been on 20mg for about a month.
  12. how many days in are you? im in aus and im almost on day 40 and still have a few breakouts. could you post pics?
  13. i'm on 20mg a day too, i am a 17 year old male. I have made a blog ( poorly updated as of late) and it says how my course is currently going. Read up on it from time to time to get a general idea of what side effects are coming your way. And yes, peeling, pinkness, and dry lips do come. mine took around 10 days to be noticeably dry, and the pinkness has come up subtly i cannot remember when. Just stick with it. Wait until the blackheads come out of your nose, you will be psyched. That should hap
  14. tane007

    To 'tane Or Not To 'tane

    hey buddy. You seem to have the same mentality as me. I was pretty disheartened researching about accutane and i too wondered how they could create rocket ships to the moon, yet couldn't prevent acne. So i researched accutane , after receiving my prescription of it, for about six months on and off, and i wont lie , the side effects were definitely holding me back from taking the plunge. You're probably waking up every morning looking in the mirror, and on the odd day, you get no new break
  15. tane007

    Need Opinions: Accutane Or Not?

    im on it now. face is slightly slightly pinker and my lips are quite dry. my hair line seems to have receeded a bit but i could also be imagining things. I say if youre getting scarring, do accutane now. the longer you wait the more you scar. If my lips werent so dry i would literally have 0 problems with accutane! my arms are getting smoother, my nose is smoother than its ever been, and im happy to know that im actually getting better each day, rather than hoping things dont get worse. Make sur