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  1. Hello, my name is Robyne and I was prescribed roaccutane 3 months ago. I was started off on 1 tablet a day for the first month, then increased to one tablet one day and two the next and so on. I know of some of the common side effects such as dry flaky skin, cracked some lips and redness all over the body, and I have been helped a lot by my friend who experienced roaccutane a few months ago. However lately (about the past month or so) my appetitie and diet is not as normal. I find that I
  2. Wow your skin looks incredible now !! I'm so glad it worked for you !! I've just started roaccutane which I've been told is similar to accutane and this has gave me hope that my skin will too improve ) Quick question - I'm experiencing ridiculously dry lips and I know this is a common side effect .. Just wondered if you used any good lip balms that you could recommend to me ? Thanks !! )
  3. Hi i'm Robyne and i'm from the UK I've been on roaccutane for 3 months now and suffer from awfully sore lips, mainly at the sides where they are just constantly split They are so sore I can't open my mouth properly I visited my doctor and she told me because I'm constantly taking the roaccutane there is nothing they can prescribe me to help with the soreness ... Didn't know if anybody who has been on accutane or roaccutane found any good medicated chap stick I can buy from a store or onl