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  1. molly089

    Exoderm Update #1

    People who have had exoderm done to treat their scars all have had nothing but great things to say when it came to their satisfaction level of how much it has improved their scars. BUT they all told me the same thing....recovery time is a nightmare! and OMG i agree!!!!! I cannot wait to take the mask off. the most annoying thing is that the powdered mask is on my eyelid...both of my eyelids. I'm not sure why this is.....I've never had any pimples on my eyelids. because of this.....this is super
  2. molly089

    My Acne Journey

    hello everyone. I am new to acne. org but I'm excited to share my thoughts and experiences with you guys. I have suffered with acne since I was in the 6th grade. and it has been HELL. In the beggining, during middle school, I would just treat my acne with over the counter products and spot treatment gels. I have pobably used every single brand there is out there. Nothing but a waste of money in my opinion. My acne was super stubborn and it was a nightmare once I started breaking out in cysts. It