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  1. Well I think you are just stunning, gorgeous It sucks to see such a pretty girl upset about her appearance... but i hope you are able to access effective treatments for your own emotional sake.
  2. I have really severe scarring but I have nice white teeth.
  3. Reading posts like this kinda make me want to date a girl with acne/scarring, people with clear skin can be so insensitive. But your partner is genuinely trying to help, they just don't understand how difficult to treat it can be.
  4. I googled this topic and to think of all that time thinking I'm ugly.. it looks like I've found my future wife: Just found some more confidence online I wanted to share:
  5. I used to beat myself up about scarring too and feel really down about it, until I started looking around and seeing guys (and girls) with severe acne/scarring and a partner with flawless skin and I thought to myself, well it's clearly not an obstacle for these guys/girls, so why should it be for me?
  6. Hey there, I think many people here can relate to your story, I know I certainly can. Picking can make it a lot worse for sure, but severe cystic acne can lead to scarring even if you try your best not to pick (and it can be very hard to resist the urge not to). and it can be really difficult to treat too (in my experience it was), this is simply something beyond your control, so why should you be held accountable for it? You can't help it, so don't beat yourself up about it. A young woman
  7. You shaved pimples off?? Ouch! I tried not to pick when my acne was severe, it's really hard and sometimes i realised that i didn't even notice that i was picking. But my cystic was so severe that a lot of cysts that i didn't pick scarred anyway. i found a good idea was to cut your fingernails as short as possible so you can minimise damage yet still partially satisfy your guilty habit I saw a teenage girl with really bad cystic acne recently picking away... man I really wanted to go up to h
  8. Some of the most beautiful women I have ever had the pleasure of seeing have had severe acne scarring. Maybe I'm a bit biased? I focused on their beautiful eyes, or smile and i don't think their scars detracted really at all. But still i think it shows self-confidence that i appreciate when i woman shows off her 'flaws' and natural beauty, i for one prefer acne/scarring to makeup-covered flaws, it makes a girl look well human and approachable and I'm so sick of unrealistic contrived western b
  9. The only way Proactiv is gonna help you get a girlfriend is if you date a chick who works at a stall that sells it.
  10. Looking around my uni campus and local shopping centers I see couples where one partner has severe acne/scarring and the other clear skin quite often. Just the other day I saw a slightly overweight guy with very severe acne scarring (worse than mine, which is really quite something) being kissed by his beautiful model-esque girlfriend and they were holding each other and staring intimately into each others eyes... it's quite motivational and inspiring actually.. if he can do it i can too. the
  11. Well done from removing yourself from associating with this loser OP. Yeah, there is a lot of misinformation out there and uneducated people out there, that said many people with clear skin do know that cystic acne sufferers largely can't help it. Just in my experience as an example, I had extremely severe cystic acne when I was a teen and when one day some dude was giving me a hard time about it with sneers etc. in the school library and some nice girl in another class (whom I didn't even