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  1. Hi I've been on this site for about 9 years. I'm looking for friends on here that can relate to my pain. I don't mirror check every day like I used to. Write me back if you can.
  2. Thank you. I'm going to forgive her , but talk to her about it. I hope she didn't mean it in a mean way , but it definitely came off as rude. Don't feel bad about your skin. Don't you waste your life obsessing over your skin like i did. We should care less about what we look like and more about what our personality is like. I try not to let my skin get the best of me, but some days , like today hit me all over again. I'll bounce back though, I always do and so can you. Keep your head up.
  3. So I started taking Invega for my schizphrenia and it has cleared my acne!! I've had acne for 15 years. I started the medication last year. I know it's not for acne , but my skin is clear! I still have acne scars ,but after all this time I'm adjusting to them. So my friend and me were hanging out tonight and she made a comment on my skin. Please read all of this and tell me what I should say or if I should be mad , thanks in advance. We were talking about well water and I told her
  4. I just wanted to post that I feel your pain & I promise you I understand what you're going through! I'm going to be 100% honest , your scars are not as bad as you think. I have seen people on this forum with way worse scars , I am one of them. You look like you have a really good skin tone , be happy for that ! Also , I had subcision in 2013 , it helped a little bit. It left bumps , but they went away on their own with time. I think the more you mess with them/think about them the more you f
  5. Good luck with your healing ! I had subcision done in 2013 and it went really well ! I don't take pictures of myself/skin , so I honestly don't have anything to show you , but It did help. I am going to start doing mini subcisions at home. The lumps you have will go away by time if they haven't by now. I had a few lumps and I think they took about 6 weeks to go away. They weren't really noticeable , I could just feel them. Good luck and keep us updated my friend !
  6. Hey tothemoonand back, I'm not sure which brand I got, nothing fancy though it was about $20.00 hope that helps
  7. I would definitely do dermastamping. I have found it super beneficial to use oil on my skin too. I actually use the tanning oil, it comes in a brown bottle from Walgreens and it's a bout 6 dollars . It's awesome! It has a bunch of natural oils in it.
  8. So I haven't wrote on here for awhile and I hope you are all doing well! Thank you ALL for all of your posts, comments, tips, experiences and so on. I wanted to know if you all could post your fat graft experience, reputable doctors that provide fat grafts (in the United States) and pictures. Please explain the recovery process for a fat graft and the downtime. Many of us on this board would appreciate it! As for me, I have been dermastamping for about a year now, I have had so so re
  9. Well I'm glad someone took the time to read it, so thank you. It's just all the random thoughts and viewpoints that float around in my mind. ( which is highly chaotic) lol About the negative reviews, what I mean by that is that most people don't jump on the computer to share positive experiences that are relative to situations that people experience on here. Many of them that have had positive results with anything, have either: never joined this site or never get back on and update people. Whe
  10. Okay, before I get into what I'm getting into, let me apologize. I apologize for my highly unorganized post and any punctuation, grammar errors that I might make. Okay so an update on me. I don't really get on here anymore, because this website is extremely depressing and every corner you turn hope is lost. It's depressing and negative and my brain seems to put more emphasis on the sad stores and look over the positive ones, or at least that is how I used to be. Now, I only acknowledge the
  11. I'm not trying to be mean or argue, but fat transfer is permanent. The only thing is, is that not all of it stays. It varies from person to person & most of the times more than one procedure is necessary. Trust me, I have done numerous amounts of research on this. Yes, I have heard about that, I'm thinking I will only need to get it a couple of times to be happy with my results. Looks awesome !! So happy for you. ! ! & thanks Binga I will check that doctor out.
  12. You can still do fat transfer if you are skinny. There are different places to grab the fat from (behind you knee, your abdomen, butt, thighs, etc.) I wanted to know for anyone who has had fat transfer, I am looking for a doctor who will save my fat for future use. I really don't like the idea of getting cut open multiple times, I'd rather have my fat saved and possibly cultivated for stem cells. Please respond. bump
  13. Out of curiosity, and because I plan on getting a fat transfer I wanted to know Which doctors will store the fat for you? I have some surgeons here that are willing to do a fat transfer, however, they do not want to store the excess fat. That really sucks, because I don't want to have the lipo part done twice. I mean I will if I absolutely have to, but if I can find a doctor that will just store it for me the proper way, then I would rather go that route. Thanks guys !
  14. Amazing Binga! Thank you for sharing !! I really appreciate it. =) Hope you are having a great day.