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  1. Iodine is an essential nutrient, and necessary for your thyroid to function. If milk causes you to break out, it's probably because of the hormones in milk (all milk has hormones). Or some say that the pasteurization denatures some of the proteins in milk and that raw milk doesn't make them break out. But if iodine itself seems to cause breakouts for you, that's most likely because it actually detoxes toxic heavy metals out like fluoride and bromide, which get embedded in your body and bones. If
  2. If your skin gets better only when you are on vacation in another area, you should check out this website: http://www.celluliteinvestigation.com/fluoride-acne For some people, even drinking fluoridated water can cause acne. Check if the places that you visit and where you live are or aren't fluoridated, and see if your skin gets better in non fluoridated areas. I'm currently experimenting with this -- my acne went away completely in non-fluoridated areas but then comes back when I go back ho
  3. For me what finally worked was Manuka honey! I just dab a teeny bit on any blemishes that I'm tempted to pick at and then rub it in so it's not shiny, but it's still a bit sticky. The honey helps heal scabs and make pimples go down while it's on there too. When I try to pick at it, it's sticky so I can't and so I stop trying. Manuka honey is so good for skin that I had been doing honey masks instead of using cleansers, and that helped my skin so much that I tried this to make me stop pickin
  4. I have always had this habit too. I really wanted to stop after reading the site www.stoppickingonme.com, that site really goes into detail about how much more acne and scarring picking can cause. For me it was like, even though I would do basically anything to get rid of my acne I just couldn't not pick at it!! So frustrating. But finally I found something that's been helping me keep my hands off my face - manuka honey. I was reading the blog thelovevitamin.com where she talks about how to natu