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  1. Sometimes CP you just have to sort of get angry at yourself and ask yourself "what the hell is wrong with me, I'm acting like an addicted idiot, snap the hell out of it man." Remember one thing more than any other tip, trick or advice: it is all in your mind, it is all a conscious decision. You just have to convince your mind what you want, and not let your mind convince you of what it wants. Your mind is a computer, it does what it's been programmed to do, it follows thousands of years of e
  2. If you ever have problems stopping in one shot, do it in increments of days, for example tell yourself "i won't go for 5 days, then i'll do it, then another 5 days, then i'll do it", it's a lot easier than saying "i'll go for 3 months!", that's almost impossible, as dumb as it sounds, because reasons. Remember also important tips: - Never watch porn, no not even chicks in bikinis, it escalates quickly. Delete all porn on your computer and all bookmarks with porn in your browser. - Write down
  3. And before you let anyone tell you you're crazy...:
  4. Another tip I can give is use these boards as something of a reward for when you're doing well. Back when I started this there were a bunch of active posters in the thread and every time we'd fail we'd come here going "DAY ONE NO MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH" sort of like religious people go to confess their sins at church and ok all is forgiven, but that's BS. In time, I told myself "I will only post if I get to 7 days" then..."I will only post if I get to 14 days" then 21, 28 etc...so that helps
  5. Took me 4 years to really keep this under control. First year was a disaster of regrets and "next time"s. Second year was a lot of 2-3 weeks streaks, followed by horrible relapses. Third year were a lot of streaks, a lot less bad relapses, but I'd learned how to orgam without ejaculating, but of course that was just as bad. The hormones going haywire, the guilt, everything was still there. Fourth year (the one I'm in) there were a lot of long streaks, few relapses, and of course over all
  6. I'm not special, this is just how my body works. Once again, some people say they break out when they eat cheese, when they drink coffee, when they eat junk food etc. I do not experience those problems. If I don't orgasm, I can eat pizza every day and not see a difference in my breakouts. If you're going to call all of us with different acne triggers idiots and liars, I don't think these forums are a place for you. If you think our experiment is stupid, then don't participate. I don't unders
  7. This thread is for people who have experienced a significant or even moderate relation between acne and ORGAMS, whether from sex or masturbation. If you do not, I am very, very glad for you, but don't tell us we're stupid. We don't enjoy abstaining on purpose. This isn't a religious nut thread or anything like that. I am 25, and I have had acne since I was 11 or 12, which is when I started masturbation. In the past 3 years, when I started abstaining, my acne also cleared 95-100% in my period
  8. Addicted a good tip is to give yourself a day where you promise yourself to allow yourself to do it. For example today is Monday, you PROMISE yourself you will ALLOW yourself to do it on Saturday or Sunday. If you get there and you still feel like doing it you do it since you promised yourself, if you feel however you can control yourself, don't do it. Once you get to one week, add a few days to that, so 10 days, 14 days, 17 days, whatever works for you. Once you get to 21+ days the need
  9. Hey everyone, a simple trick for me which helps me take my mind of sex: I wonder why do I think so much about sex? Is it because I'm so addicted I start acting like a cocaine junkie if I stop? No. While my mood is a bit grunchy in the second week, I don't feel like punching walls nor start getting shakes if I don't have orgasms. The reason is much simpler: influence. TV shows, movies, people talking about sex and porn, magazines, commercials; sex is everywhere. People were talking about
  10. Battle2011, if you read a couple of pages back, you'll see some people say they break out when they don't have sex/masturbate (no orgasms). It varies from person to person, just like other treatments. For some people Acutane is a miracle worker, for others it worsens their condition on multiple levels. The only way to find out is to try it out for 30-40 days. A quick search on Google will reveal to you that there's a bunch of people for whom reduction of masturbation/sex helps a lot.
  11. Yeah I have to admit this experiment is pretty mental but sadly for some of us it has shown definitive results each time we follow it. Like I said though I don't intend to stop a normal sex life because what the hell I'm gonna die one day I'm not gonna live like a nun, but masturbation is far from sex it's just a quick pleasure so it's something I can live without. Even last January I had sex in a hookup with a girl who was really into me even though I knew I'd probably get pimples after
  12. Well this April 3rd will mark a year since I joined this site, I was supposed to have quit well and good by then, instead I will only be counting 11 days. This January I was doing really well and towards the end I just let myself go for no reason at all besides my own pleasure, usual suspects, watching porn edging leads to another thing etc. One thing I've been doing since January is exercising intensely, and the more I saw myself get in better shape the less I cared about pimples. Howev
  13. Hey everyone I've been trying to quit masturbation for 2-3 years, been addicted since I was 14-15 until now (almost 25), so almost a decade of my life. First year of trying to quit was hell, kept lying to myself and saying "next time, next time, next time" and cheating all the time. Second year I realized that I was actually addicted and how I was acting like an addict with myself, so I started taking real steps like no longer cheating, no longer watching porn, settings goals etc. Th
  14. I met with a chick and we did it on Friday, which was my 42nd day. My back and chest acne had healed and my face was all right again too. Everything felt normal for me. Hopefully my body won't go crazy with pimples again now.
  15. Day 38 of total abstinence. I've had a sudden attack of back and chest acne, 4-5 on my chest from pecs and higher to the shoulders and 6-7 on my back from upper back towards lower of varying size. I've also had 5-6 pimples of medium-small size on the left side of my face, which has always been my more acne prone side of the face. My right face looks clear and clean my left now looks not as good. I've been eating as healthy as always, although I did also have pizza and chocolate these pas