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  1. *Big Hug* *Tries to keep his hands away from your ass*
  2. I'm an asshole There is no god! Does anyone have something else that's worse than acne? Ance & Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) I feel like just giving up Not wanting to sleep Dreams- freaky acne-related ones Failing Gym Insanity Am I a bad mother! People who stare Life on Hold Haircuts- hate them Anyone else's life suck? Acne, bipolar, the derm, clinique You clear up a bit, you feel good then you breakout, you feel shit! Incredibly depressed Wow its amazin wot an effect acne can have on yo
  3. Hmmm... an interesting one. I can relate and I even made the same mistakes... not proud to admit to them but due to my skin problems I've never felt comfortable with anybody who I considered to be more attractive than me. After I broke up with my long-term girlfriend before Christmas last year, I became close to two women in turn, both slim, both attractive girls. But yet something didn't feel right, for some reason it felt like hard work... like I had to try and constantly prove something or 'c
  4. Yeah, nothing too major or unusual but I've always had huge black bags under my eyes... make me look dead when I'm tired and they're still prominent even when I'm not. Like acne, they disapear in photos and soft lighting but it still bugs the hell out of me... I can accept that it happens when you get older but knowing that I had to start off with them and just watch them get progressively worse... ouch. Apart from that I'm pretty stable with myself physically... my skin isn't great and my tee
  5. BDD is an odd one... it is more concerned with delusion of how one looks than just plain feeling ugly. If you are a beauty queen who is convinced she is hideous then yeah it probably is something along those lines. Personally speaking I know I'm no more attractive than what most consider 'average' but I don't think I'm disgusting either... I do feel bad about the way I look A LOT but I think I have a pretty firm grip upon the reality of these feelings and why I get them. Nobody worth anybody's t
  6. I think your skin sounds fine. Now can I touch your penis?
  7. I've had girlfriends while struggling with acne and I'm not even particuarly attractive without it. I've had many sexual relationships also. But truly deep, menaingful relationships are built on mutual love, trust and admiration. My girlfriend has things she doesn't like about herself but I don't see them anywhere near as bad as she seems to. I think she feels likewise about me. Love can transcend social, moral and spititual boundaries if both of you are willing enough to drop your superficial p
  8. Accutane cleared me up as well, I'm still by no means 100% clear- scars/pocks/marks etc but I rarely get any fresh acne to worry about and it's given me untold amounts of confidence as a result. I had no major side effects, aside from tiredness, red eyes, slight irritability but nothing that affects me to this day. It's not a miracle cure by any means, but it's as close as any of us are gonna get...
  9. I've had acne in varying moderations since I was 11 or 12. I'm now 20 and have been clearing consitently since around Christmas. My question is: how much was my growth as a person affected by all this. By most people's standards I'm an adult now but the transition from child to adult was marred by this condition. One on hand I went through all the normal teenage phases; wierd fashion, ear piercing, binge drinking, drugs, hard drugs, had a good job, decent friends, reasonable grades and I've had
  10. This shouldn't matter if you're comfortable in your own company and like spending time with yourself... are you and do you?
  11. The feelings you describe are totally natural and it will hurt for a while... but I've never met anybody who hasn't gotten over a relationship given time. Remember that you've broken up for a reason, whether it be her choice or yours. Don't look for another girlfriend, therein lies madness. Take your time, appreciate being who you are by yourself and things will happen for you when they're supposed to. Good luck.
  12. In a way you're suggesting that acne comes about because we are bad people on the inside. I don't believe this is true; I think that most of us have just been unlucky. However I do think there is some truth to what you're saying. I have met people who I have found unattractive at first, only to get to know them and have found them more attractive as a result. The girl I am with at the moment didn't bowl me over when I first met her but we became close over the course of a year and now I genuin
  13. Yeah dude it takes fucking AGES to really work and it gets worse during those first few months anyway. It's a really shitty drug to be on but it does work, you just have to be patient. Good luck man.
  14. Yeah it always seems to go round and round in those kind of cycles... you feel great for a while, your life picks up, things start leaning your way and then it hits you and you're right back to square one again. I enjoyed your post cos it's so fucking true. I feel you man, I really do.