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  1. ellieaccutane

    Day 18

    Hey, I know what it feels like to have dry flaky skin underneath makeup. And to see other chicks walking around with flawless faces :/ I know the whole point of accutane is to reduce the oil, but I couldn't bare putting foundation on a dry face so I consulted my derm & I started using an oil based serum primer, only a teeny tiny bit on my bare face before foundation & it works absolute wonders! My foundation stays on all day & doesn't flake or get the slightest bit dry at all! J
  2. ellieaccutane

    Follow Up On Accutane

    No problem (: that's really good to hear! Hope everything works out & ill be sure to check up every now & then to see how you're going good luck!
  3. Don't stress, just keep at it with the lip balm every time you feel the drying sensation & pack it on before bed so they're hydrated throughout the night. That's okay, now you know it's working! Lets just hope it stays mild & doesn't go haywire. Keep your face clean, you'll notice it won't ever feel dirty soon because the oil pretty much gets cut off but still continue with your everyday skin care routine. Aaaaand I'm so friggin happy! I woke up this morning to a completely clear face
  4. ellieaccutane

    Follow Up On Accutane

    Hey! Good to hear you're on the accutane journey. Yay for clear skin (: I've been on it for just over a month & I'm really happy with the results so far. I use a sunscreen and moisturizer specifically for dry skin together on my face & body & my skin isn't dry. It flakes a little in the morning but after a shower it's all gone (: For dry lips I was using carmex which worked for the first two weeks but then I switched to a lip balm formulated for severely dry lips by "Dermal Ther
  5. I've been on 20mgs a day for over a month now & almost all the spots I had on my face are gone. I have zero active spots at the moment. The stubborn spots that I had during the first week are now just flaking away. I have dry lips, dry skin, all the normal side effects. If anything, I think if I was on a higher dose I'd probably have extensive health problems. The strength of this drug is no joke, in my personal opinion I think it's safer to start on a low dose & slowly go higher. Easing
  6. I've been on accutane for a little over a month & never experienced any back pain til about two days ago. I woke up with a sore back all over. It almost felt like I had been holding a house the entire day before! It was so sore! I cracked it a number of times, tried to rest, layed on the floor to straighten it, sat on an angle, slouched, leaned, EVERYTHING! Nothing seemed to ease the pain apart from arching my back right in the middle section. Sleeping that night was difficult but I f
  7. Hey, how's it going so far? Noticing any changes as of yet? I used to use duac all over my face lol I used to just do a spot treatment but then my acne got pretty bad & I have to say I didn't experience that much drying from duac. I used another topical called benzac & it was 10% BP & even that didn't have much of a drying effect :/ not sure if my skin is just super intolerant of drying out. The accutane dries out my spots, that's for sure. But as for the face I only really notice
  8. Hey! Congrats on joining the accutane journey lol, i've been on it for a month now & it's definitely doing it's job. I'm also on 20mgs per day which will continue for another month then i'll get bumped up to 40mgs per day for another 3 months. I went in with a fair few spots on my face which have mostly all cleared now. There's just 3 stubborn ones left which i've been keeping an eye on & i'm noticing their slow, but sure farewell. I was taking minomycin at one point which ha
  9. How annoying it must be to feel like you're almost in the clear & then bang, a million new spots. That's how i felt before accutane, i would be clear for a few weeks with maybe one small spot making it's way out of my life then out of nowhere i'd get 2 new ones that would grow to about 8 overnight!! SO FRUSTRATING! I've been on accutane for a month now & i had very mild back & chest acne. Maybe 4-5 on my back & 1-2 on my chest. My face, though, is a different story all toget
  10. Hey, I've been using roaccutane to treat my acne & one of the main side affects is extremely dry skin. What i like to do is gently exfoliate in the morning. Then before i put any makeup on, i use a dry skin lotion that you can find at any chemist/drug store. Afterwards i'll use a silicone based primer mixed with a small amount of an oil based or serum type primer. It keeps my skin moisturized all day with a flawless foundation look. Don't be afraid that the serum primer will leave your
  11. New to this, bare with me. New blog post just posted!