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  1. I dont use differin but i recently got put on Benzamycin(I think thats the correct spelling). Anyway i just C&C blackhead clearing scrub then i use C&C continuous control on the bottom half of my face. Then i use the Benzamycin on my forehead. After a couple of minutes i apply purpose moistuizer. So far no new acne /
  2. I also forgot to add that during my fathers treatment the doctors put him on zoloft and his chemical imbalance was not a problem anymore. During those years our family was actually normal and my father was a changed man. We tried to make up for all the lost years and healed alot of wounds. My father was never abusive, he was just distant and quick to anger. I was mostly scared of him and was never close to him. We finally got closer during those last years where he wasnt in the hospital. Im not
  3. Thanks again for all your support. Ive tried to find the problem and repair it but it goes deeper than I thought. When I was a kid my father and mother constantly got into fights, this was from my fathers chemical imbalance. I really have no memory of my childhood, i only remember the moments that I was mad or imbarassed. I think I blocked those years out of my brain subconsciously because of the fights and my unpopularity in grade school. When I was in fifth grade my father got diagn
  4. Its for a number of things. Ill just put them in a list: 1) Very shy around people and I can rarely talk to new people 2)I get panic attacks alot when im around large crowds and such, i feel like all eyes are on me constantly 3)I inherited a chemical imbalance from my father, it causes wierd emotional problems as I get very angry at the simplest things, I tend to go overboard. And when i finally do get married and have kids i dont want my temper to become a problem like it was with my parents
  5. ya my mom still is trying to find the right insurance for us, as we have none. So far no new breakouts, i just hope that it continues that way
  6. im just worried that this paxil will make me someone who isnt me. I want to feel anger and sadness, after all I am human. But i hate having low self esteem and this my only solution. I just hope it doesnt create bad side effects.
  7. Its just for my social anxiety but is anybody else on this type of medication? I am 18 years old and never have had a girlfriend. I know its sad but along with getting teased in junior high and getting acne in 8th grade my self esteem is shit. I feel as if i need a relationship to get out of my depression but im constantly worried if i do get into a relationship ill have this huge breakout. Life can suck, huh?
  8. Thats the thing I hate about these commercial treatments, you never know if they put an ingredient in the medicine to break you out. Acne is very much a life threatening disease and it needs to be cured. The people who create acne products also make other things too so there are products to fall back on.
  9. any other input? I want to know if this stuff is worth the 130 dollars i paid for it. I was hoping to get some tazorac but didnt.
  10. Has anyone ever used this topical before? I have mild acne and went to a doctor and recommended this. Would this work for mild acne?
  11. im in the same boat as u. Ive been on blochlas for a couple months also and still havent gotten these things out of my nose. I heard that hydrogen peroxide helps get them out so im trying that right now. Other than that i cant help much
  12. i just switched over to purpose moisturizer. It has sunscreen and it absorbs alot better than the c&c shine control stuff that i was using.
  13. Concentrated hydrocholoric acid is a chemical - would you tell me to "piss off because it's good for acne" if I told you not to put it on your face? Stop being so aggressive - facts are facts - you can either choose to take them, or not take them. Just don't blame someone else if you make the wrong decision.
  14. I think im going to the derm sometime to see if there are any topical solutions to my acne. I have very mild acne so I would think that the right med should make me 100% clear. I am using blochas regimen and that has been keeping away the cysts and the bigger cases of acne. Right now i just have enlarged pores, tons of blackheads and around 2-3 pimples at any given time. I know Accutaine is overkill for my acne but would it help to make me stop breaking out? And if that is not the answ