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  1. Why do you have to be rude? Your comment offended me. I know exactly what scars are. I've been living with them, covering my face and back, for the past 10 years. I'm "impressed" because I've spent thousands of dollars and undergone numerous, various treatments and I've seen no results. I guess you could say I'm "impressed" at anything that shows improvement.
  2. Look at these before-and-after pictures of Fraxel on acne scars: http://www.jwaibelmd.com/index.php?option=...8&Itemid=54 It makes me hopeful about trying Fraxel! Does anyone have any experience with Dr. Waibel?
  3. I've done a lot of research about Fraxel for acne scars. There are SO many mixed reviews. Some people say that it helped, others say they noticed no difference, and then others ended up with worse scarring (and in one case, open sores that lasted two years). I could live with trying it and seeing no difference...but the last thing I want to do is risk ending up with worse skin on my face. So how do you explain the difference in people's experiences? Does it all have to do with the fact that ev
  4. Thanks for the reply - is it possible to see results after one treatment? If scarring isn't too bad or too deep? I'm not expecting perfection, just improvement...
  5. Hi, I went to the derm today and got Fraxel Re:Store done on two hypertropic/raised scars on my back. Treatment was only $400 which I thought was pretty good (she also did IPL laser to get rid of redness, and a shot of Kenalog). While there, I was asking her about Fraxel for my face. I have "orange peel" skin on my face...nothing too deep or rolling, just a general uneven texture (looks like large pores, but they're pitted scars). She thought that I would be able to get smooth skin with one tr
  6. Has anyone ever heard of "Scartini" or used it before? I've pretty much given up on topicals, but find myself still holding out hope that I'll discover that magical ingredient or product. Any thoughts on this product? Looks like it might be bunk...
  7. Update! I got my vbeam done yesterday. My scars a bit redder than normal, which I was expecting. But they're definitely not deep purple. Should my dermatologist have been more aggressive? If/when I go back for a second treatment, should I request that she use a higher / more powerful setting on the laser? It's $150 for each treatment, so I certainly don't want that money to go to waste if she is being extra cautious. And during the treatment yesterday, she kept asking "Are you okay" and "Doe
  8. I am about to get my first VBeam this afternoon (I have red hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and upper back. They've been injected and are pretty flat - now I'm trying to get rid of the redness). My question for those of you who have done VBeam - were the results permanent? I use different topicals to try to even out my skintone and reduce scarring (Super Cop 2x, APeel, Retin-A, DMSO, etc) and I find that when I use these, my scars appear much darker. I'm sure that these strong topicals pro
  9. Thanks for the info! My dermatologist's office offers the IPL, however it's not the dermatologist who does the procedure. In fact, I have never even seen my derm - apparently she only deals with skin cancer and such, so I always see the physician's assistant to get my scars injected. The person who does the IPL is some cosmetic something-or-other (a nurse maybe)? That makes me a little nervous, although the website says that she has experience and was trained by the derm. I'm going to go for a c
  10. I have hypertropic/keloid (raised) scarring on my upper back / shoulder area. I have gotten many many cortisone and steroid injections, which have helped to flatten the scars. Some of the scars are level with my skin, but most of them have either become atrophic (indented) because of too much cortisone, or they haven't quite flattened all the way. Anyway, I'm to a point where I'm done with the injections. I'm pretty satisfied with the level of the scars, but I am DEFINITELY not satisfied with t
  11. http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/keloid_scar.html This website talks about natural cures for keloid scars (I have about 6 of them on my upper back / shoulders). The suggestions on here talk about keloid scars disappearing in a matter of weeks!! Has anyone tried any of these suggestions? Have you had success? It seems too good to be true!
  12. Help! I really want to buy a Microdermabrasion Cloth, so I went to eBay and typed that in - I got 71 auctions! I can't tell which sellers are better than others. If you have purchased a microdermabrasion cloth from eBay, can you offer advice as to which is best. Or are they all good? Thanks!
  13. Argh! Just got back from the derm...she gave me a rx for Taz gel (I had to convince her - she kept telling me that it was used for acne, not scars). I immediately took it to the pharmacy and my insurance won't cover it! A 100g tube would cost me $430 w/out insurance!! Did anyone else have this problem with their insurance not covering it? (I have BlueCross BlueShield) The pharmacist said that I have to have my doc call my insurance company and tell them that it is medically necessary in order