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  1. Hi! actually the fraxel mentioned above was pretty crappy. It did nothing, so fastforward a year later and i got another fraxel done at another place. Actually, I'm still in the middle of it. Its 5 sessions and i've finished 3 so far. Honestly, It's so great! I've had awesome results only after 3 times! I'll do a long post after i finish my 5th treatment. As for losing fat, uh... didnt notice much lol
  2. HEY! yeah its been a really long time. Good to hear from you haha Thanks for the concern, but the solodyn was giving me really bad stomach aches which is why i ended up quiting without my derm's approval. Actually i havent even talked to my derm or any other derm since last year. I was really scared about my acne returning more furiously like i've read from other people, but so far so good. I've been using a more naturalistic and simple ritual for my face, eating way healthy than before, and e
  3. Its been about one year since i started my treatment! Lots to update everyone about. My skin is doing great, but not perfect! I do have some hyperpigmintation from the acne left over, but I don't really break out anymore Clear skin!..? Skin Picking After my 30 day picking challenge, I had no urge to pick anymore! Success! Lol but it doesnt mean i don't pick at all anymore. If i have a massive blackhead sticking out of my face, i will pick it. The only difference now is that I don't FIND un
  4. Updates! Its been 20 days already? Well, I went about a week and a half without duac ran out, so my derm prescribed me the two meds separately. and WOW it burned my skin at first ( I think I used too much, too) definitely more potent than the expired sample duac haha. I broke out a bit during my non-duac days.... sigh, i'm guessing I cant get off this stuff. But it gave my skin time to heal so a lot of the old red marks are gone! My skin isn't perfect yet, but its working its way, I can tell!
  5. Updates! My skin has been doing great and I've been picking less! I think I picked two times within the week.. and it was the same spot haha, didn't do much damage I've really kicked the habit of gluing myself to the mirror and killing my skin. I just got a renewal on my minocycline prescription but my derm said that they ran out of duac samples! D: so I might be getting the BP and the clindamycin separately within the next week..... I cant wait for that! As for pimples, I got one on my rig
  6. Day 30- Did not pick today. Last day of my 30 day no picking challenge! I'd have to say, although it wasn't a complete success, because I did pick a little, it was still a great success! Ever since I started this blog, I went from picking at 15 things on my face to 1 or 2 or none! I went from a scabby pepperoni pizza face to a uh... red cupcake sprinkle face? haha I cant believe the results in only 30 days! Minimizing my picking definitely lowered the red mark counts on my face. The ones that ar
  7. OMGmahface

    Day 29

    Day 29 - Did not pick today so tomorrow is day 30 and I will be posting pictures! I dermarolled today. I haven't been counting the days but I think its about 10 days since my first dermaroller session? Can't say ive seen good results (its just one session) but I haven't seen bad results which is still good news. I went a little rougher today since I was use to the pricking pain, but hopefully not too rough for my skin to handle. I've done some research, and I think i'll be buying the este
  8. OMGmahface

    Day 28

    Day 28 - Same as yesterday, I had to wear full coverage make up so I ended up using my dr. jart bb cream. After I took it off, I had 8 more new clogged pores which I picked out. Got out 7 clean and easy and clear, but one of them I broke skin. Its gonna scab. Ugh. dr jart silver label u are horrible. It doesn't last that long either. it looks good for the first 2 hrs. and then it starts cracking. not flaking, but little tiny cracks everywhere, like a dry desert floor. I think my skin oil dissolv
  9. OMGmahface

    Day 27

    Day 27 - picked a bit to unclog some pores. No damage thankfully. The clogged pores are from my make up today. Dr. Jart silver label bb cream clogs pores! just a warning. I get at least 5 new clogged pores from that shit. But it does a great job giving me almost full coverage. Man, I need something better.
  10. OMGmahface

    Day 26

    Day 26 - Didn't pick today either. great~ The minocycline is no longer making me depressed, but it still is making me really tired... actually, that's why I didn't pick today. Didn't have the energy. LOL Another note, Duac is excellent for getting rid of the black heads on my nose. So crazy
  11. OMGmahface

    Day 25

    Day 25 - Didn't pick. eh. i'm nearing my period and i'm so amazed that my chin has managed to be so clear for two months. <3
  12. OMGmahface

    Day 24

    i know i know. i'm sorry. its not the pimples i'm picking at, its the black heads :'( any advice? duac only seems to be getting rid of blackheads 50% (which is still good, but I want them all gone!) and on, i'm not on Accutane, my skin isn't that pimply just scarred
  13. OMGmahface

    Day 24

    Day 24 - washed my face and one of the big scabs came off. I thought to myself, oh so the other scab might be ready to come off too since they kind of happened at the same time. So I began to pick at the other scab and it initially started peeling off nicely.... I tore the whole thing off and I was wrong -_-;; there was still 10% that wasn't ready and it started to bleed a bit. It might just scab over again. Stupid of me.
  14. OMGmahface

    Day 23

    Day 23 - picked at one spot. I was plucking my eyebrows and it ended up in me scouting out for things on my face T_T It was a small pick so not too damaging, but as of now I know have two dark scabs on my face from the picks before. The cyst on my brow has definitely decreased and I hope it stays that way. Hoping its not the calm before the storm type of deal! Man, I really wanna try prescription duac and not the expired samples my derm gives me.
  15. OMGmahface

    Day 22

    Day 22 - didn't pick today. the cysts are definitely shrinking and so are the pimples. although I think the one on my right cheek might have been a bug bite and not a pimple;; haha