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  1. feeling ehh about my skin. And I might start training as a backup cashier for the retail store I work at. I'm not nervous right now, but I might feel insecure about my skin once I'm on the register
  2. I start my very first job tomorrow and skin looks crappy as always.
  3. Well, some scars look fine on masculine looking guys especially the military since people have the prejudice about them being so strong, brave, etc. plus having scars from a battle is bad ass for some people. Makes you look tough. Pinoy ka ba? O vietnamese? Yeah I agree with you. I hope to become mascular someday so I could pull off this acne scarring. Pinoy po ako
  4. I went to the 4th of july parade and I saw some military guys with bad acne and scarring. I honestly don't know how to feel about them because they don't seem bothered by it even the tiniest bit.
  5. Whenever my acne is drying up and post about it in here, it seems like I'm just jinxing it so I'll just stfu about my acne haha
  6. I was using some face wash last year and it broke me out like bat shit crazy and it gave me rolling scars. Facial products made me paranoid since then. Now, I've been doing some reading lately and I heard positive things about the regimen, but as stupid as this might sound, I'm also kinda paranoid that this regimen would break me out since I have asian skin? Anyways, did you had an initial breakout when you were on the regimen?
  7. My skin and facial features are far from being looking like a model but I try to be as awesome as I could and apparently it seems to work. I remember when I was able to grab the attention of one of the most popular girl in my school and she danced alongside with me during our senior cruise, despite having bad skin. I'm not good at giving advices but I guess what I'm trying to say is to please try not letting acne ruin your image about girls not approaching you. I might as well show a pic
  8. Good luck with the 20 pounds. If you are struggling to get in 5k calories in a day, here is a little trick that I read over at the bodybuilding.com forums. Shots of extra virgin olive oil. It sounds nasty but mix it with a tiny amount of orange juice and it completely masks the taste. 5 TBSP is 600 easy calories. The best part is extra virgin olive oil is actually healthy. Yeah I do but only 2 tbsp cause it doesn't really taste that good but each spoon is 130 cals. I also take a shake
  9. Sorry you're feeling so bad today. Please don't ever feel that your acne or scars are your fault, you are gorgeous and you have been doing everything you can to help yourself. Unfortunately when it comes to acne, it seems if it wants to find a way to be there, it will be there. Sometimes it feels like there's no cure, and it's so frustrating when you're doing all the right things. I learnt this the hard way, relapsed after Accutane although at least my skin is a lot better than pre-Accutane.
  10. I'm blessed to have good friends, none of them mentions my acne. I can still remember the day when one of my girl friends kissed me in the cheek despite me having a nasty skin.
  11. So if you and your partner would have acne you wouldn't have a child? It's one thing to mentally make a note of such thoughts,it's entirely a different thing to have the temerity to write them online on a website where acne afflicted individuals congregate to offer solutions and feel better.You just won't want to have a child for a puny skin disorder called acne? eh,seriously??. I have known couples who plan for a child despite being wary of the potential genetic disorders which they could pass
  12. I honestly don't know what to do if my child had an acne. But if you and and your partner have severe acne, would you even consider having a child? I've been thinking about that lately just for future reference.
  13. My cystic acne is finally drying up. I have a job interview tomorrow so I might have to wear a little bit of foundation to lighten the discolorations and to at least look neat.
  14. I've always wanna go back to my home country in Philippines and see my grandparents and relatives but I feel like MOST people in there are so shallow and superficial and I might get alot of shit from people because of my acne.
  15. I've been dealing with acne for a long time and I'm quite surprised that no one (excluding my mom) has commented about my skin even when it was at its worst- when my face was all scabbing. I don't know if I'm surrounded by nice people or the fact that people are intimidated by my rough, tuggish look (from acne scarring). I really hope that continues because I can't imagine the horrible things i could do if someone insults my skin.
  16. random post

    1. Many people have probably said this, but your Acne doesn't even look that bad and I would kill to have a physique like yours! no homo. Anyways do you go to a college? Also, this might not be the best advice I had given but if you're only interested on hooking up with girls, I suggest trying craigslist?
    2. I hope to become buff someday so it would match my scarring. By achieving that look, it would look like I came from an epic spartan battle. LOL me and my weird mind
    3. My acne is still bad but I'm not gonna mourn about it It just kinda pisses me off that when my mom and I watched TV one day, she made a remark how this one singer would be so beautiful if it weren't for her weight problems. I didn't react at all but I was offended by that because it's like someone told me that I would be handsome if I have no acne. Thanks for crushing my confidence mom
    4. I've never had a girlfriend because I always think that the first thing people notice about me is my scarring, but thank you for sharing this! It definitely helped.
    5. Just thought I would share this, if you or anyone is into rock. Absolutely love his rock rendition of Hallelujah
    6. Damn dude...Nice skin! I'm happy for you. I'm still kinda hoping that I would outgrow my acne by the time I'm in my 20's