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  1. If you notice the description, Livetoregret took Accutane at what I'm assuming to be a high dosage for her body weight for a fucking year...Again, an entire year. That is twice the limit for a safe Accutane course.
  2. Hey, since I'm sure you're still looking for answers and different perspectives on what to expect during your Accutane course, I recommend you check out the Bodybuilding Misc forums. Just Google the terms "bodybuilding" and "Accutane" and you'll likely get relevant search results from the bodybuilding.com forums. Now, I realize you may not be be a gym rat or even remotely interested in the concept of lifting, but the guys in there have a much more realistic, "common man's" perspective regarding
  3. I completely understand where you're coming from with that. The most frustrating thing with these medications is that you just don't know how and when they'll begin affecting you fully. With Accutane, especially, it is widely accepted that you shouldn't expect full results until after you've completed your treatment. There are so many discouraging stories out there (especially on here) detailing the rare but horrendous side-effects, seemingly incurable initial breakouts, and ultimate ineffective
  4. Maybe I'm mistaken or something, but, according to research and the words of an esteemed dermatologist I recently visited and spoke to on the subject, only around 30 percent of people on Accutane even get an initial breakout at all. The initial breakout in those cases mostly depends on the severity of your acne prior to starting treatment. Based on the impressions you'll get from these forums, you'll think that 100 percent of people get awful, cystic initial breakouts. Time will tell, but statis
  5. Yeah, go ahead and give BP a try. I think it could be quite effective in your case. Given the minimal severity of your acne, you should literally begin seeing results in a day or two. Carefully monitor the size and redness of your acne after BP application. If it is dramatically reduced (as it should be if you apply generously), then a BP regimen probably won't be a bad idea.
  6. This is as balanced a response as you're going to receive on this site regarding Accutane. The truth is, if your acne is affecting your mental health and social life, Accutane is more than worth the risk. Your dermatologist is most likely not an amateur (as you say, he is probably one of the best in your region) and he fully understands the risks behind this medication. No one is trying to scam you by prescribing you Accutane, unlike the countless oral antibiotics and topicals. My acne has never
  7. Ziana Gel works slowly

    Very easy to use Eventual noticeable effect Spreads easily Sticky Oily skin Slow progress In stark contrast to some of these reviews - I'm neither negatively or positive shocked by this product. It hasn't been a miracle drug by any measure, as it's taken a near eternity to make a noticeable difference in my skin. I would say it took about 3 months (in conjunction with Solodyn) for breakouts to subside dramatically. If you are suffering with little, non-painful bumps, Ziana will not help. The
  8. Appearance could definitely be an achievement. Good genetics and a clear complexion are not an achievement, but there are lots of other things that go into appearance. You could hit the gym every single day and build a killer body. That's an achievement that's also aesthetically pleasing.
  9. I'm sure you're attractive enough. I really don't think PIH and a few bumps would ever turn me away from girl.
  10. I wasn't calling your dad ignorant, dude. I was just saying what's mostly common knowledge, by now. These forums are full of ridiculous claims regarding what affects acne and what doesn't. Some people literally limit themselves nutritionally and in other aspects out of fear that they'll get a pimple if they eat this or do that. As far as diet is concerned, I'm really not sure whether there have been enough definitive studies linking it to acne. I know that, recently, there have been suggestions
  11. There are numerous claims that getting to sleep late (something I routinely do) directly affects acne, but I remain unconvinced. Surely, it's destructive to the body because it distracts it away from its natural rhythm, but I'm not sure I'd directly link it to more acne. No offense , but people (especially older people/parents) regularly make ignorant comments about the causes of acne. If day-to-day actions, sleep patterns, diet, alcohol, and other such things were aggravating factors in acne ca
  12. I hear what your saying. But at the grand old age of 41 having had this condition since I was 11 I know when something's working or not. I've not noticed a difference like this before. Antibiotics do not take "a couple of weeks" to get into your system, they are for acute infection. I have a degree in physiology. How come I've never had the "psychological healing" before? I've gone to the doctors many times and came back with many things. Hah, I do not mean to discredit your degree in physiolo
  13. To be completely honest, that's likely a coincidence or purely psychological. Minocycline takes a minimum of a couple weeks to even properly get into your system. It's likely that you're finally feeling better about having taken action against your acne and, because of lessened stress, your acne is subsiding. Having said that, minocycline is relatively effective (especially after a couple of months), but there is ALWAYS a danger of your body gradually building a resistance to it. The first time
  14. Damn, a week without makeup? You should be a role model to girls everywhere. Really, no sarcasm hahah