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  1. I just realised that the picture is upside down My skin has been super sensitive while on Accutane. I think you might be right about the tanning. All of my friends at uni have definitely noticed a change in my face skin tone but my little brother was the last straw. I cant even use my laptop because my skin feels so sensative
  2. So I have been on Accutane for 104 days and there has definitely been a significant improvement in my acne. I would say about 70% of my acne has cleared up with another month and a half still to go. I don't mind the dry lips and eyes but my face getting darker was definitely a surprise . My little brother actually asked me the other day why my face was darker than the rest of my body and that was probably the most depressing thing I have heard since being on Accutane. I wouldn't even mind if th
  3. i made the same choice, the regimen isn't for everyone. I am now 2 months and 4 days into accutane and it is just a relief knowing that my skin will be clear in the next 4 months, fingers crossed. Acne is getting really old!
  4. I am on 60 mg day 60 and i am in the same position as you. Expecting results now is wishful thinking, the major positive at this stage of accutane is mainly your skin being less oily and minor improvements to your acne. From what i have seen month 4-5 is the turning point in most cases.
  5. Sorry I havnt posted in so long. Although the regimen was working i had to stop the regimen because I was developing a rash from the bp and developing eye wrinkles even though I never touched my eyes with bp once. Buying the regimen from the us to uk is also really expensive. I decided to see a dermatologist who put me on accutane 5 days ago. Accutane is free in the uk, I realise there are side effects but I will take my chances. Hopefully they are minor like dry lips and face just like the reg
  6. Congrats on getting to your 2nd month keep it up!
  7. I thought it was just me that was getting those lines. having also recently just turned 20 i did not want wrinkles either, so i made sure there was thinner amount of bp near my eye area compared to the rest of my face. i don't really get pimples right underneath my eye. Dan says they will fade away eventually
  8. My chin is so unpredictable. 1 month it can be the best part of my face the next month it can be the worst. Right now i couldn't be any happier with the results i cant even believe i nearly quit when things didn't go my way. Hope the regimen is working out for you bro don't worry those pimples will go soon
  9. So ive had acne for the last 4-5 years. During these years acne has been on my mind most of the time.Sometimes i get these rare moments when i just totally forget i have acne altogether, then i suddenly remember again after a few hours or even the next day and its like you just get hit with a load of depression all at once without warning. 1 minute i feel normal then the next minute i feel like i cant even look at myself. My problem isnt even with what others are thinking because i have quite
  10. I just use water i was confused as well so i just took no chances
  11. Day 63 i think well everything is pretty much good, I ended up breaking out from using AHA 3 pimples on the left side of my chin 1 on my jaw line and 1 on my forehead but they are quite small and are going away quite quickly so hopefully that was the initial breakout that was originally expected that i thought i had avoided. My face is still a little bit flaky but has improved a lot since using aha. i think i should give the aha at least a month till i start seeing major results nothi
  12. I wish you the best of luck, be gentle and patient that is the key!
  13. I used royal mail and everything was fine
  14. quick update on aha+ I am planning on mixing 1/2 aha+ and 1/2 dans moisturizer every 2 days in the evening then taking a break the 3rd day. i don't want to apply 2 full pumps of aha+ 3 times a week because i feel like this might be to irritating and i am trying to avoid the initial breakout that some user experience. So last night i tried aha+ for the first time with the moisturizer. The ratio of aha to moisturizer was definitely unbalanced, my face was covered and it took so long for
  15. I love reading posts like this, it definitely keeps me encouraged. I am where you were three weeks ago and six weeks in, i am having my doubts as i continue to breakout on my chin. But like you, i am not giving up yet and i hope by month 2, i will like what i see when i look in the mirror. Definitely happy for you! Thanks for reading and i hope you clear up very soon! I know exactly how you are feeling right now just do the simple things well, that is what i say to myself before doing the