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  1. My retin a is finally here . My skin is slowly improving no more acne just this freaking Pih uh I hate dark spots so much . I sometimes think its worse than the acne itself . I upped ny dosage to 75 mg and really my skin is so smooth. It really feels great I just want it to look great too. I'm hoping in 3 -4 months the retin a helps. I plan to use it at night , I also have tazorac that I want to use in the morning but I want to be gentle with my skin so for now ill only go with retin a .
  2. Bebeyou

    Day 14

    I also forgot to add something , I noticed that I the small bumps on my forehead were hair follicle. I could clearly see the hair coming out so the pores weren't exactly closed. I decided to use Nair to get the hair out and allow my products to penetrate deeper and it works!!! I use Nair for face and used it on my forehead cheeks chin and upper lip. I gave me a great deal of exfoliation.
  3. O is seriously freaking me out , in a good way of course! I had pizza with lots of cheeeese milk and cranberry juice and this morning my skin is as soft as EVER. I was washing my face and felt like I was touching a baby's butt!! LOL! I cannot remember last time my skin has felt so soft. I mean after 9 year dealing with acne its pretty easy to get used to the feel of those bumps and pimples . Still working on my post acne marks ,I really can't wait for those to fade. Meanwhile I bought some jojob
  4. Day 10 of Spiro and my skin feels awesome ! Seriously, especially after doing an ocm with olive oil. I have no acne nothing just one tiny pimple on my chin. I'm now working on the dark marks . Skin feels great now I got to get it to look great . I purchased tazorac and retin a and hq 4%off alldaychemist and I have to wait 2 weeks for the products to get it here . Meanwhile I continue with my lactic acid peel and vitamin c serum. I really wanna post pics , anyone to show me how ? Thanks
  5. Hi Db thanks for sharing your regimen, I have a question what brand of Azeliac acid do you use ? Thank you !
  6. Thanks for that info, ill switch to jojoba oil or something non comedogenic . It's been 4 days now and everything is going well. Less oil and less whiteheads only a few on my left and right cheeks. I have no side effects whatsoever even when drinking alcohol. Right now I'm thinking about adding retin a and hydroquinone 4% to my regimen because I have some serious Pih but ill probably wait a week or two . If anyone knows how to post picture please tell me . Thank you .
  7. I suffered from acne since I was 11 years old and I'm now 21 . My acne has been pretty mild until I left my country for the U.S to study. I started breaking out on my forehead with huge cysts and pustules. It calmed down when I change ny diet but the acne never entirely subsided . I had now blackheads and whiteheads that would never leave . I tried almost everything oxy clinical clean and clear neutrogena vitamin c serum glycolic acid dead sea salt baking soda proactiv panoxyl ambi spearmint tea
  8. Hi everyone! Please I have this important question! I'm turning to you because I stopped going to my derm ( insurance coming to an end) so I need your advice and opinions , PLEAAAASE! I'm a woman and have high level of testosterone,hisurtism , and acne. I've been battling acne for almost 10 years now ( I'm 21 btw) and the last time I went to visit the derm he prescribed me with bactrim and spironolactone. The bactrim cleared my face but after a week, I was all swollen ( allergy ) so now I'm on
  9. I asked the same question. I just started spiro about a week ago and I also bought DIM. I want to know if they work together or against one another before starting it. I heard that spiro mute the androgen receptors and DIM can also help lower testosterone and sort out the bad estrogen from the good ones.
  10. Hey! I'm in the same boat, I've had acne for 9 years and I'm about to be 21. I have high levels of testosterone and I was also prescribed with spironolactone 25 mg to start with. Unfortunately, i read somewhere some people upped their dose so I did the same and I had a side effect ( heart beating fast ). So now my doc wants me to stop and resume when I feel better. Keep taking it, I heard it takes time so try to be patient. It's very hard to deal with acne but stay positive, it will get better.
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm new here! I've been battling acne since I was 12 ( I am now 21 ) and my condition worsened when I left my country ( Ivory Coast ) for the U.S about t years ago. So after many trials, really, I tried EVERYTHING POSSIBLE , I decided to visit the derm. He prescribed me with spironolactone (25 mg) and Bactrin DS (80mg). I did some research about spironolactone and since I have all the signs of high testosterone level ( I have acne, oily skin, high muscular mass and hisurtism ), I