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  1. I can relate to you more than other people I have seen on here. Everything you said describes me perfectly when it comes to how you feel about your scars. I don't want to be negative but this is just me thinking out loud but there isn't a damn thing we can do about scaring. Pieces of our face are missing and skin does not regenerate. Lasers don't do sh*t it is only a short term fix from what I've read. Only thing we can do is own it. Love life and just not care about it. But if you do c
  2. We all have given you positive support and been telling you the honest truth. I personally called you hot, other people on here have told you similar Fact of the matter is you have to believe it yourself. That is the hard part. Acne is a weird disease that not only effects people physically but it f*cks with our mind. You just have to tell yourself do you really want to waste your life away worrying about, in your case, minor flaws? Life is beautiful, you are beautiful and there is so much for
  3. Its pretty much f*ck life right now. being a grown ass man with zero confidence is the worst.
  4. I guess it's not only to help, but how you go about to help them. As an acne sufferer and knowing the psychological effects, I'm not going to force my ideas on them to make them uncomfortable! I guess if you are cool with you're kids, raise them right, are always open and honest with them and treat them like people instead of possessions then the "acne conversation" would be a whole lot easier. lol @ "acne conversation"...but you know what I mean. All I am saying is from personal experience ba
  5. I know what you mean bro and like I said there are plenty of people out there who are totally happy being alone and not having kids or whatever. Just personally I'd love to have a kid and be married and all that. When I was 19 I thought I would be by this age, not because of society or being brainwashed I just want something to live for. I'm actually a very social person deep down inside it's just acne f*cked that up. But yea man I'm sure you will be happy when you are my age. You seem smart an
  6. Yea traumatic experiences trigger BDD. Sounds like you've been through a lot so that is probably the culprit. I've read you're other posts and it seems like you've been bullied in the past which can make it even worse. You have developed a complex. There are a lot of assholes out there that even if you had clear skin they would talk trash about your hairstyle, clothing choice, make- up, weight or whatever. You can never be everything to everyone so f*ck em. Reality is you are not the same perso
  7. You owe it to your child to help them especially since you know the psychological effects of acne. I wouldnt want my kid going through the same shit I have. I would however wait until the first sign of a breakout. Worst thing my parents did was not care.
  8. Woke up with a cute little breakout oh how I love life. My chin, , left cheek and both temples have cute little red bumps that will probably hang around for a couple weeks. My over all complexion looks like shit right now. My scars look deeper and one in particular looks like it got wider. I might be trippin tho but I swear shit is getting worse. I cant even laugh at myself anymore
  9. How old are you ? In my 20's I learned to cope and accepted I was "different". Now I am 31 and I dont feel like an adult. Its not cool for me to be proud to be antisocial anymore. Priorities change and new responsibilities pop up and I feel left behind. Sucks when I am asked if I'm married or have kids and I say no. I feel like a weirdo , a old weirdo that never got his sh*t together. All because of acne...wtf man. I am sure there are people who are happy being a loner at any age. Just not
  10. Thanks for sharing. Honestly the main reason why you shouldn't pick your skin is acne scars. They suck.
  11. Broke out a little on my cheek and I don't know why but my scars seem to look worse today. WTF
  12. Sounds like you have BDD. Which is a shame because there is nothing wrong with you physically from what I can tell in your pics. I do the same thing with looking at myself in different lighting to check my scars, take pictures of myself etc. Its a vicious cycle that I wish would stop. I wish I could just stop giving a shit but I can't. From wikipedia: Skin conditions such as acne vulgaris are among the most common sources of distress of patients with BDD,[14][25] especially in cases where the
  13. Have you ever heard of exposure therapy? If you truly do have social anxiety I think it something that is worth a try. From what I've read majority of people get over their social anxiety in about 6 weeks of doing it daily. I have been thinking of trying it myself but I don't think I'd be able to do it.
  14. yes! In my youth I was always shy and not very social. I hated attention and felt a very mild form of anxiety in certain situations like public speaking or having to be around big groups of people. Then I got freakin acne. The fact that I got acne just made it worse. Actually put it on a whole other level. At least I didn't have a sense of shame, I just wasn't very social. Now I am almost ashamed sometimes to go out in public. Honestly it comes and goes tho. Some days I am able to not have
  15. I would do google searches about this exact same topic. And surprisingly most responses I read were positive. Basically girls supposedly don't care about scaring as much as we think. Most responses were if hes cute then acne scaring doesn't matter, or if he has a nice smile etc etc. So ugly dudes with acne scaring like me are sh*t outta luck! lol but I guess girls don't care that much? No idea. Honestly from what I've seen on this forum the dudes that post pics of themselves complaining
  16. Anything by the Beatles. Sometimes their music makes me sad tho because its all about positivity, love and happiness. Which is stuff I lack in my life.
  17. Whatever I'll play along. Only thing I will tell people is DONT PICK! Please dont do it. I beg all of you do not pick your skin. Dont pop, poke, touch, prod whatever it is you all do to your acne. Just let it be. If you pop or pick it all that does is it make worse, short term and long term. You don't want acne scaring it suuuuuucks big time. So again just leave it alone. You will only make it worse.. Not sure if that is what you meant but yea thats what I'd tell people if I woke up tommorow
  18. Yea being alone with my thoughts is the worst part. I got 2 little sh*ts growing on my left temple. These probably aren't going away. I've been clear for a couple weeks now so this is like a little friendly reminder from my face about how much my life sucks. lol ahhhhh man
  19. As a dude who obviously has bad skin (thats why I'm on this site) personally no I don't care. As far as normal guys go its hit or miss. Harsh reality is that a majority of guys go for looks above everything else. Just the way it is we are pigs. In your case your hot and your acne isn't even that bad. Your acne doesn't take away from your natural beauty. But quick story. I'm at work with a few dudes watching tv and a proactive commercial comes on. Everyone starts talking shit about the g
  20. I probably would. My scars are the first and foremost thing on my mind at all times so to be able to not worry about being judged by that would be nice.
  21. The blind date thing would be a nightmare for me! I recently was offered to be set-up on a blind date but I turned it down. No way I would have the confidence to do that. Let me know how it goes man! This site has actually helped me a lot. Before I signed up recently I had no outlet at all I was contemplating hiring a shrink but posting on this site and just corresponding with people like you and a couple of others kind of makes me feel good. But your right it doesn't beat going out and liv
  22. Had to get a wisdom tooth pulled out so thinking of that took over me thinking about my skin. Weird how that works. The dentist was actually a beautiful woman and she was so nice. Yea I know its her job to be nice but it felt good getting treated right. I felt normal. lol then she gave me the bill. Reality check.
  23. ^ This 100% truth. I have had zero problems finding jobs. In my 20's I had sever cystic acne and went through 3 different jobs, each new job because of more pay and I passed each interview. The faking it part is the most important. I actually have ZERO confidence in myself but man can I fake it if I have to. After the interview I did like Dejaclaire said, went to my car and had a panic attack. lol. Thinking back its so pathetic but its my reality. Yea I'm a man but I would go home and cry. I
  24. I've never been religious myself. Religious people just need to point to the story of Job, or if you bring up stuff like babies getting murdered they just say "God gave us freewill". They pretty much have all their bases covered. Whatever. Just weird that from all the heinous stuff happening around the world (Boston bombing for example) you "God fearing" people should be ashamed for being so selfish as to pray your acne away. If you beleive in a god I'm sure he has bigger stuff to worry about th